Best Places to Travel on a Cruise

April 14, 2017

If you’re dreaming about taking a cruise, one of your most difficult decisions may be narrowing down exactly where to go. It’s a big world, and there are so many amazing destinations waiting for you.

I’ve been narrowing down some options for my own cruise lately, and I was inspired by some of the awesome itineraries from The Luxury Cruise Company. Go ahead and check them out if you’re looking for some of the best itineraries around, but for now, here some of the best places to travel on a cruise:


Alaska is famous as one of the best cruising destinations in the world. You’ll see incredible glaciers, wildlife, and scenery, while cruising along the coastline of Alaska. Take your camera, as you’ll travel past inlets, bays, islands, mountains, glaciers, and fjords.

Cruise along the Inside Passage, and keep an eye out for bears in spring and summer. You’ll typically leave from Vancouver, San Francisco, or Seattle, and most cruises will go up past Juneau, which is the capital of Alaska.

Ensure that your cruise includes Glacier Bay National Park, and you may also want to follow your cruise by a land tour on a coach.


The Caribbean

This is the most popular destination in the world for cruising, and once you arrive, you’ll see why. Cruises operate year-round throughout the region, and you’ll get excellent value for money as you visit many different islands without paying all the associated costs for visas, hotels, air tickets, and island transport.

There are a variety of cruises in the Caribbean to choose from. Eastern cruises include St Kitts, Martinique, Dominica, and Barbados. Western cruises include Mexico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Southern include Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba, and more.

These are excellent cruises if you’re hoping to be active- you can expect to do fun activities like swimming with dolphins and riding horses along the beach.

The Mediterranean

If you desperately need some fun in the sun, Southern Europe is the place to go. Cruising in the Mediterranean is a great way to see some of the many diverse cultures in the countries you’ll visit here. From tiny Malta to the large Greek Islands, Sunny Spain to gorgeous Italy, these cruises cover some of the best that Europe has to offer.

Cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean will usually include the Greek islands of Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini.

Western Mediterranean cruises will include popular destinations like Barcelona, St Tropez, Monte Carlo, Sicily, Rome, and Venice. And cruises in the Southern Mediterranean will visit places like Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.


Hawaii is a hugely popular destination for many Americans. With eight islands to visit, you’ll be stunned by the natural beauty of this state. Every island is uniquely beautiful, and you’ll be able to experience a traditional luau, learn to surf, relax on the beaches, go swimming with dolphins, try rock climbing, and more.

Most Hawaiian cruses depart from Honolulu, so you’ll need to fly in. The best time to visit is between December and April, and the peak season is usually December to January.

Excited yet? Have you narrowed down where you’ll be cruising next? Leave a comment below!