Boost Productivity By Making Your Office Feel Like A Home

March 31, 2021

The world of corporate working is changing, and has been for a few years now – sharp suits and clinical offices are going out of style in favor of more homely, comfortable surroundings which allow employees to feel relaxed and at their creative best in their workplace rather than constricted and pressurized. 

But what’s the best way to achieve this kind of atmosphere? Well, it might look simple but from the architecture to the furnishings creating this kind of modern workplace is a complex operation. Unless you’re having new premises purpose-built, the architecture isn’t something you can do too much about – but if you’re moving into offices for the first time or just moving into new offices, the interior decorations are definitely well within your control. From getting the perfect paint color to throwing down the best wool tufted rugs, employees and clients alike can sense a real investment of time and resources right away, and this has the dual effect of showing your clients you are a quality business invested in being the best they can be, and simultaneously fostering a sense of pride in the workplace in your employees. It might sound unimportant that the floors are as well-maintained as the filing systems, but it can significantly improve outcomes.

It’s also important that you put as much effort into your workplace resources as you would into your home resources; you wouldn’t put up with snail slow wifi in your own study at home, so don’t expect yourself or your employees to put up with it in the office. You can always learn more about getting great connectivity for your premises, and it’s well worth putting in the time and money to get it right.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that your home is everything you want it ti be so you can dedicate your energy to maximizing the benefits of the workplace for everyone. If you’ve already got the perfect home from, decorated just how you want it, then it’s a lot easier to concentrate on your home-from-home workplace. It also tells you what kind of energy from home, you want to replicate at work; if you feel tranquil, calm, and productive at home then notice what in your environment makes you feel that way and replicate it at the office.

Making your workplace feel less like an office and more like a comfortable social space ,might sound counterintuitive, but in fact, it’s one of the best ways to improve productivity.