Choosing the right sunglasses for your trip

December 16, 2015

Whether you’re heading to the slopes during your winter break or lying by the pool come summer, there’s one thing you’ll definitely need: sunglasses!

Serving more of a purpose than a simple fashion accessory, sunglasses are really important for protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays. If you are in the market for a new pair, My Glasses Guru has created this sunglasses buying guide. As the home of stylish Tom Ford glasses, the brand know a thing or two about specs! Read on to find out more:


Which style lens should I choose?

Generally, there are three styles of lenses you can choose from: polarised, sports and graduating. You’ll find a brief description of each below:

  • Polarised — Because light travels and reflects in all directions, polarised lenses were created to block almost all glare. This gives the wearer more comfort, although they can be a little more expensive.
  • Sports — Sport lenses are designed to give active people the protection their eyes need. The lenses are designed to reduce glare to allow for accuracy when playing sports and often feature a wraparound design for maximum protection. The arms are usually rubber-coated for extra security and grip.
  • Graduating — Graduating lenses are darker at the top than they are at the bottom, helping to protect the wearer’s eyes.

As well as the style, you’ll need to consider the type of lens too. These come with different filter categories, including:

  • 3 — These dark lenses are suitable for extremely bright environments.
  • 2 — Because these lenses are lightly tinted, they can be worn in both medium and bright conditions.


What shape should I choose?

Of course, as well as the element of protection, you should also consider style too. Choose a pair that will complement the shape of your face:

  • Oval — If you have an oval face, you can wear pretty much any shape sunglasses!
  • Rectangular — Wrap-around styles and wider frames will complement your high cheekbones.
  • Round — Choose an angular style to balance your features.
  • Square — Oval frames will soften the shape of your face.