Chronically single? Read this post

September 28, 2018

If you’re hoping to meet your future spouse, here’s a tip: You’re unlikely to find him or her while you’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Instead, you’re going to need to make an effort to go to the places where your soulmate could potentially also be hanging out… looking for you.

Here are a few ways you can ditch your single status:

Get online

In case you haven’t heard, online dating and dating apps are totally in right now. Everyone’s doing it. And it does mean that you can be looking for a date while you’re standing in line at the supermarket or lying in bed. Unfortunately, these apps make it easy to just look at face value and ignore anyone who doesn’t fit a specific ‘type.’ Do yourself a favor and don’t just scroll based on looks- read each person’s profile so you can get an idea of if you have things in common.


Go where the single people are

If all of your friends are loved up, you may feel like you never meet any single people. But there are many different places where you can meet people who are also looking for the person of their dreams. Go on a cruise holiday for single people, hit happy hour and talk to other people at the bar, volunteer for a cause you care about, or take a class to learn a new skill.

Attend events

It can feel weird going to a birthday or wedding as a plus one when you don’t know anyone. But this can expose you to a number of new people and one of them could be that person you’re looking for (and otherwise wouldn’t have met). Don’t turn down invitations even if you feel a little weird going- you never know who you might meet.

Be open

People meet their significant others in a variety of different ways. You could be in line at the grocery store, at a beach, on a shuttle bus, in the airport, at brunch- the possibilities are endless. Sure, it may be depressing being single right now, but unless you’re open to the possibility of meeting someone you’ll find it difficult to not become bitter. If you haven’t studied the law of attraction, now is the time to get your head in the game- remain open to all possibilities and keep your eyes open.