Communicating with People While Travelling

October 23, 2018

While you are probably going to be working hard to get into that ‘Zen-like’ state throughout your travels, there is nothing better than having a good chat with your friends and family back home. It is surprisingly relaxing. Sadly, doing this ‘on the go’ is not going to be as simple as you may think.

You are going to need to have a webcam, at the very minimum. If you have a laptop built within the last couple of years, chances are that it already has one built into it. You will be able to tell. If it does not, or you want something which is of a bit higher quality, then you can purchase a cheap USB webcam that plugs directly into your computer. Although, try to avoid an extra camera if you can. Saves you needing to carry around too much.

If you have a camera built into your laptop, then it is probably going to work right away. You just boot up your computer, install some chat software and you should be good to go. In fact, you won’t even need to install chat software. If you have Facebook Messenger, as most people do nowadays, then you can do this directly through your web browser.


If you have purchased a camera to plug into your computer, then things are going to be a bit trickier. In most cases, it will be ‘plug and play’. This means that your computer will automatically install it. You will not to do anything. In other cases, you will need to download special software from the internet. This is something that you are probably going to wish to do well in advance of your travels, just so you know that everything works properly.

You are going to need to have a pretty decent internet connection to video stream. So, most people will not do this while travelling. They still wish to share a real life cam with their friends and family, though. Thankfully, you can still do this with your webcam. There are pieces of software that you can use to record your webcam. You can then upload your video to a video sharing site like YouTube or something similar to that. Share the link with your friends and family. They will likely have a smile on their face!

Remember; you are travelling. Enjoy yourself. While it is going to be great to communicate with people ‘back home’. Don’t be a slave to them. You are travelling so that you can relax and have a bit of a break from your home life. Don’t constantly record videos and video chat. Do it once or twice a week, at most. This way you can have some time to yourself.