Decorating your office with indoor plants

June 23, 2015

If you’ve read anything about decorating your office, you probably know that indoor plants are a great way to help you make your office a restful place, while encouraging creativity and brightening up the atmosphere.

However if you’re anything like me, the idea of choosing the plants, installing them, watering them, and maintaining them makes you want to scream. Busy professionals don’t have time to pick out plants, figuring out which ones should go where, and which colours to focus on, and then water and feed them each day.


That’s why hiring indoor plants is the best idea. These days you can simply pay someone to choose the plants and  install them with minimal disruption (without costing more). The experienced staff will then visit regularly, insuring that the displays are kept looking fresh and healthy. The service will usually include hand watering and fertilising, dusting, pruning and cleaning, plant replacement and rotation, and refills of the top dressing.

Why would you pay for plants, when you can have all of this for as little as $5 a week? I’m in the process of decorating a new office, and I can tell you that while I would love to have lots of plants to make the room brighter and more interesting, there’s no way I have the time to purchase them myself.

Have you ever walked into an office that simply works? It puts you at ease, it’s airy and bright, and has the perfect amount of plants and flowers which give it a welcoming, yet professional feel?


This is what we should be aiming for, whether we work at home, or constantly have clients and coworkers visiting us in our space. Decorating with plants meant that we’ll be breathing in cleaner air, as electronics like printers, photocopiers, and computers would mean that the air we’re breathing is polluted with carbon dioxide and possible other toxins. In fact, plants can absorb volatile organic compounds, improving the air we’re breathing.

Plants have also been shown to help office workers with their concentration, along with productivity and creativity. Plants can also add humidity to spaces which are too dry, which is good because spaces which have humidity below 30% can often cause respiratory problems and fatigue.

Along with adding plants to your office, there are a few other things which can make a big difference to your space. Try carpet tile, which can make the office look much bigger if you choose the right colour, and is also easy to replace if you spill something on just a few tiles.


Painting the walls can be a great idea, or simply painting one wall as a feature wall, and using that colour throughout the office. Another great way to brighten the office is with artwork, and you can easily pick up photographs or framed prints which will add an interesting focus to your space.

Are you looking for a company which can help you with all of your plant hire needs? Be sure to check out Gaddy’s indoor plants, for plant hire from just $5 per week.