Do Diabetic Socks Actually Work?

December 03, 2021

For many people who have diabetes, more often than not, they will experience either diabetic neuropathy or chronic hyperglycemia, which will cause them to lose their sense of feeling in some areas of their bodies, like their feet. Along with that nerve damage, many other issues could happen, such as diabetic foot ulcers leading to infections or, worse, amputation.

One way to keep your feet in check is by wearing socks made specifically for diabetic feet. It is said that these socks are either softer, provide more cushion, or compress the feet gently, giving just the right amount of support that is very much needed in the state of their feet. Does this sound like a luxury item version of regular socks? Do they live up to all of these features, or can regular socks do almost the same thing? 

The Difference Between Regular Socks and Diabetic Socks

The Key to preventing infections from open wounds, sores, lesions, blisters in diabetic feet would be keeping the feet dry and making the ulcers heal quicker by not disturbing as much as possible. And also, one this that is just as important for people with diabetic feet would be proper blood circulation. 

Now, here are some traits that regular socks have that may work well for people who do not have diabetes but would not work for people who have diabetes:

  • Seams that may irritate the feet and the toes
  • Made of Non-wicking material like cotton. It does not repel moisture
  • No padding
  • Heavy elastic that restricts blood flow

Compared to how most Diabetic socks are made:

  • Seamless or have flat seams
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Made with non-elastic binding
  • Padded soles
  • Antibacterial Properties

There may be instances where you may be able to interchange diabetic socks with compression socks. However, you still need to ensure that they have most of the features that diabetic socks provide. It would be best to consult your doctors or health professionals to see which pair of socks would suit your foot’s needs.

Different Types of Diabetic Socks

A lot of these socks would vary depending on length and width. And the difference in size serves multitudes of purposes.

  • Soft and wide socks – Recommended for people suffering from the effects of diabetes, circulatory problems, edema, and neuropathy.
  • Ankle socks – These pairs of socks are specifically designed for diabetic patients shaped to fit their ankle and provide comfort throughout the day
  • Crew socks – These specially designed socks have cushioning to help prevent injury to the feet and lower legs whether you’re doing feet-friendly physical activities.
  • Light compression socks – These are specially designed to give comfort to tired and aching feet and legs

Where To Get Diabetic Socks

You would think you have to go to a particular store to get diabetic socks. But with the rise of modern technology, you can simply “add to cart” these socks on Amazon or other online stores that specialize in diabetic socks, such as Diabetic Sock Club. You may even fill out a quiz to see which type of socks would suit you the best. But of course, you should always seek the advice of your doctors or health professionals so that they can better guide your journey in conquering your condition.


Diabetic Foot Health is very crucial, no matter how minor it may seem to the naked eye. It is essential that you stay on top of the condition of your feet and that taking the necessary steps to prevent more significant issues, such as infections, by wearing the proper footwear like diabetic socks is vital to the improvement of your quality of life.