Enhance your Tampa trip with a car rental

February 07, 2020

The Florida State offers an incredible variety of subtropical destinations where to unwind and have a lot of fun; one of them is the beautiful city of Tampa. This site hosts many indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities and a typical warm weather, reason why many local and foreign tourists decide to visit it.

Tampa is one of those places where you’re absolutely going to want a rent a car. Thanks to the city size (1.036 km², the largest city in the Tampa Bay area), many of the attractions are really spread out so if you want the flexibility and freedom to go on your own schedule, then you’re going to need your own mean of transportation. I personally love renting a car when traveling as it makes it so much easier to travel with kids – you can easily pack all of their necessities in the trunk and you don’t have to lug it all around. You might already be aware of all the benefits of car rental and ready to book, if so click here to reserve. If you’re on the fence about renting a car, here are the top 4 ways that having a car will make your trip easier:

1. The Best Way to Travel With Kids

Traveling with kids can be hard work, especially when you factor in all the things you have to take with them. If you’re traveling with younger children, then you’re going to need to take your own carseats too. That’s why I prefer to have a rental car, rather than awkwardly trying to lug carseats around when using taxis or Ubers. Having your own car also means you can carry the essentials like toys, a change of clothes and etc, along with you, so you can be prepared for whatever comes!

2. Hit the Ground Running

There’s nothing worse than arriving to a new city or airport and standing around while connecting to Google Maps and trying to figure out how to get to your hotel on public transport. With a car rental you can simply put it in your map software and then go! We all know that vacations go too quick, so by having your own car you can be sure to maximize every second of your holiday. Be sure to reserve a car rental in Tampa so you can start your trip off right.

3. Better Value when Traveling in a Group

Traveling in a large family or a group of friends can actually make public transport really expensive. If you’re doing a trip that costs $5 each way and there’s 5 of you, that quickly becomes $50 and can add up over the course of a day or a few days. Sometimes renting a car can actually be considerably more economical, so not only do you get the added comfort and flexibility of your own car, but you can often save money too!

4. Get More Done

I feel like holidays are always too short – whether they’re a long weekend, or a month, I’m often left wishing it was just a few days longer. Having a rental car means that you can see so much more of Miami, packing more into your days rather than waiting for public transport and trying to figure out how to get between places. This will ensure your holiday can be jam packed full of fun.

Miami is a wonderful holiday destination and the perfect place to rent a car.