EOS is your Summer Champion Companion

August 09, 2019


Keep your vibrantly colored EOS lip balm s a steady staple in your beach bag and hand bag this summer season. These little spheres of happiness come in eye catching colors so you can easily see them in your bag. When you’re busy with activities during the summer season, having to dig around through a mountain of stuff is un-palatable, so these lip balms in eye popping shades eliminate that annoying burden while making sure your lips stay lusciously smooth.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need lip balm during the winter time only. In fact, you need them all the time, especially during the summer months where in the blazing heat of the sun is at its peak. If you protect the skin of your body by ensconcing it in generous amounts of sunscreen lotion with high levels of spf, then you must be able to do the same for your one and only lips that help you talk, eat, and kiss. Donning your lip balm every so often helps in addressing these issues that make our summer lips looking dead, dull, and lifeless. Here are some factors why you need lip balm even during the summer season:

Lips Lack Protective Oils

The skin of humans possesses what is known as the sebaceous glands. These glands secrete sebum, which is a natural byproduct of the body in the form of an oil that makes our skin super moisturized. Sadly, your lips do not have these glands so it is prone to drying. Thus, it is essential to keep them from dehydrating by being vigilant with lip balm use. EOS lip balm review blog posts by top beauty bloggers say that EOS products is cutting-edge because it contains organic ingredients like coconut, lavender, and shea butter, to name a few, that help in moisturizing those smackers.


The UV Rays of the Sun are Harmful

Summer months equate to summer heat because of the rising temperature. Ultraviolet rays are at its highest this season. Everyone knows that these rays are extremely damaging to the skin, and of course, that does not exempt your lips. It is noteworthy that studies indicate that the lips have less melanocytes. These produce melanin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation. The more melanin you have, the less prone you are to sun damage. Unfortunately, the lips lack these; and thus, wearing lip balms that are rich in SPF is vital. Continuous unprotected exposure to sun can impede the lips’ collagen production, which can damage the lips’ health and its physical appearance.

Changes in Temperature are Damaging

This occurrence of flip-flopping temperature is has a negative impact on the health of our lips. Unfortunately, frequent changes from the hot summer sun to the cold air conditioned room always occurs during the summer season promote lip dryness. Having a handy lip balm with you that’s rich in beeswax and other essential oils can help protect the lips. With different scents coming from lavender, green tea, rose, and the like, the sweet, cloying scent of the balm is also a mood booster. Don’t wait to slather those lips with EOS lip balm, so you can keep on smiling. Remember: it is an eyesore to have dry, wrinkly lips given that they are right smack in the center of the face.

Lip Licking is a Bad Habit

Since it is summer, the lips get naturally dry. Unfortunately, most respond to that with a lip licking habit. You use your tongue to moisturize the lips. This behavior is actually extremely drying for the lips because the saliva’s job is to break down food with the natural acids there. It is not the suitable moisturizer for the lips. Carrying your lip balm around ensure that you resist this urge to constantly, lick, lick, lick. According to EOS lip balm review notes by beauty junkies, Eos lip balm s come various colors and delicious sweet flavors like lychee, passion fruit, mango, apple, eucalyptus, and the like. You’d be hard pressed to choose which one to take.