Explore the Best of Thailand

March 05, 2015

There’s a reason Thailand is so popular, and continues to be one of the first choices for tourists who are visiting Southeast Asia. Not only is it relaxing, beautiful, and fun, but the country has been used by tourists for years, so is easy to get around. Here are some places to visit if you’d like to see the best Thailand has to offer, which can all be combined together in to a Multi Centre itinerary. For some more great ideas for your trip to Thailand, click here to find some of the best itineraries around.

While Thailand is a super fun place to visit, with lots of beautiful beaches, fun activities and cultural history, things can go wrong here. Especially if you’re far from home, it’s important that you’re prepared with a good insurance policy. Holiday Accident Claims can transform your holiday from fun, to downright terrifying, so it’s best to be prepared so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Chiang Mai

In Northern Thailand you’ll find Chiang Mai. Surrounded by lush jungle, hill tribes, and temples, it’s also an excellent place to pick up some local handicrafts in the many night markets. Animal lovers will want to visit the Elephant Nature Park, one of the only parks which don’t allow the elephants to be ridden, but rescue them from lives of misery and rehabilitate them. The park welcomes volunteers, and you can spend some time feeding, and bathing the elephants, while listening to their stories.



Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city, with a raging nightlife and tons of attractions to explore during the day. Be sure to eat some street food and grab a bucket on Khao San road, and don’t forget to visit the Giant Buddha, Grand Palace, and of course, the Floating Market.


Pai is the current darling for backpackers, and those who want to see “the real Thailand”. Don’t spend too much time in the middle of town, but head to the outskirts where you’ll get up close to incredible wildlife, and some of the best scenery in Southeast Asia, including lakes, forests, and waterfalls.


If you’re the adventurous type, or simply like rock-climbing, Railey is a must-visit. With the rocky, limestone cliffs, this small peninsula is also only accessible by boat, making it the perfect place to work on your tan and get away from it all.

Ko Phi Phi

After the movie The Beach was released, tourists flocked to Ko Phi Phi, and it quickly became a main stop for anyone on the backpacker trail in Thailand. There’s a reason why people are still visiting this gorgeous island, but keep your visit to a couple of days or you may never leave.


Hua Hin

Not many people know about Hua Hin, making it an excellent spot to get off the beaten path. Not only is it close to an 11-tier waterfall, but it’s bursting with some of the cleanest and quietest beaches in Thailand, and it’s surrounded by national parks.


Famous for its notorious nightlife, Phuket is one of those places you should visit so you can make up your own mind about whether it’s fun or seedy. With everything from ping pong shows to cooking classes available, your time here can be as crazy or relaxed as you make it.

Koh Tao

Anyone who likes to dive will want to visit Koh Tao, as it’s one of the cheapest places in the world to get certified, and also has some of the best diving around. If you’re lucky you may even get to see whale sharks.