Exploring the Gems of Southern Spain

December 01, 2017
800px-Port_Vell,_Barcelona,_Spain_-_Jan_2007 I’ve traveled to a bunch of places but there’s nowhere in the world quite like Spain. I love it so much, I decided to move here! Many visitors make the mistake of heading to the big name places in Spain, such as Madrid and Barcelona and don’t dedicate enough time to the South of Spain. If you enjoy beautiful beaches and nature, cute cobblestone streets and historic streets, as well as free tapas then you’ll love all that Spain has to offer.
Your first choice: How will you travel to Spain. While many visitors will choose to do independent trips to Spain, renting a car or relying on public transport, there’s an easier way: Spain tours are a great way to explore this stunning country while enjoying all the conveniences of a preplanned and prebooked itinerary. You’ll just have to show up with a fully charged camera or smartphone and will be ready to go. If you’re trying to choose where to visit in Spain, don’t forget that the South of Spain has a lot to offer. These are some of our favourite gems of Southern Spain:
1. Granada
This is one of those destinations that is great year round, because during the cooler months you can ski just outside of Granada. I’m not a fan of the cold, but it’s nice to have something fun to do when the weather is chilly outside. Granada is also home to one of the most stunning buildings in the entire world: The Alhambra. Book your tickets in advance, no matter the time of year there’s a line and a wait in order to secure your entrance. Plan enough time to visit the Alhambra properly, chances are you’ll want to spend a good few hours walking around and taking photos. Granada itself is an adorable town with beautiful buildings, romantic streets and a little quirk many will love: free tapas in many bars across town. This is excellent for the budget traveller who wants to enjoy an affordable night out.
2. Seville
I visited Seville in the middle of summer and honestly that was a mistake; it was so hot I felt as if I would melt. Walking a few blocks to the stunning Plaza de España felt like torture and I didn’t have enough energy to really take it all in. I would revisit again, but in the shoulder seasons of fall and spring or even winter. It was that hot! There’s plenty to do and see in Seville, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan chances are you’re going to love it. Head to Santa Cruz which is one of the shooting locations for Game of Thrones, in the gorgeous Alcazar. Santa Cruz is the old town of Seville and has plenty to offer including heaps of lovely photo locations. I would highly suggest seeing a show at the Teatro Lope de Vega if you can buy tickets, but if not it’s worth taking a wander around as it’s truly beautiful. If you’re an art lover, then chances are you’ll be delighted with the collection on show at the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares.
3. Malaga
This is where the Spanish come to holiday, and why wouldn’t they? There’s everything you need for a perfect Spanish holiday: great beaches, even better weather, delicious fresh seafood and paella, and a great assortment of ice cream stores. But there’s so much more to do in Malaga than simply living the dream on the beach. Malaga is home to an assortment of museums and galleries including the Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Malaga which is a stunning glass and crystal museum, which is sure to delight visitors of all ages. If you’re a bit more interested in history and archeological museums, then there’s the Museo de Malaga which is home to numerous collections of local archeological discoveries and artwork. Perhaps you’re traveling with some young boys or some young boys at heart? Well chances are they’ll love a morning spent exploring the Automobile and Fashion Museum. If the weather is becoming unbearably hot, escaping to a museum is an excellent way to get out of the heat while learning something new. As with most cities in Spain, Malaga is home to a striking cathedral named the Malaga Cathedral. There’s also an audio guide for this cathedral which makes it easy to walk around the cathedral while soaking in plenty of information. If you’re feeling a bit tired from all the exploring around Malaga, why not head to Parque de Malaga and enjoy a coffee in a nearby cafe while people watching.
Spain is so much more than just Madrid and Barcelona so make sure you plan some time explore all the hidden gems Southern Spain has to offer.