Facts You Should Know About Thai Visa Application

June 01, 2021

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its tropical weather and rich culture offer some natural magnets for tourists who live in other parts of the world. A significant portion of the country’s revenue is obtained from the tourism industry, making its hub for the far-east. What if you live in other countries and you want to have a vacation in Thailand? The process won’t be easy, like going to a walk in a park and get off the place and roaming around. There are guidelines that you need to follow and fill a lot of paperwork to be prepared before arriving at the “land of smiles.”

When you visit Thailand for leisure, personal enlighten and sight-seeing, then you are a tourist. Visitors are not allowed to engage in business activities or work in Thailand. The will need a visa card for their stay in Thailand when doing their explorations. 

Visa card is a document or stamp required so that tourists can stay in Thailand for a specific duration of time for exploration. The visa can be obtained in your country through the embassy of Thailand, or it can be stamped on the passport upon your arrival at the airport in Thailand. The visa duration can also be extended when required. Some countries have signed agreements with the government of Thailand so that their citizens can enjoy the benefit of visa exemption while on their exploration time in Thailand.

When you are applying for a visa for tourist purposes, some documents and charges are required to obtain one. The paperwork and the costs are subjected to keep on changing, and without prior notice, therefore an aspiring tourist should inquire for the required information before flying off to the land of smiles.

Here are the requirements for Thailand visa application

Different rules apply to citizens from various nationalities. Still, one requirement which is essential for implementing a Thai visa is your passport, which has a validity period of at least six months. Besides, in Thailand there are several Thailand visa requirements for you to be eligible to acquire a visa. The type of visa is issued to the candidates who would wish to enter Thailand for tourism purposes. The documents required include:

  • Travel document or visa with a validity of over six months
  • Ultimately file the visa application form
  • A recent photograph of the applicant (4×6 cm)
  • Travel evidence from Thailand (Round Trip Flight Itinerary)
  • Proof of financial means

Other additional requirements

Individuals from certain countries may be required to apply for a visa only on the Consulate-General or Thai embassy in their residence country. Therefore, visitors from such countries are advised to contact the nearest Consulate General or Thai embassy to find out where they can apply for a Thailand visa before departing to Thailand.

The validity of the visa

The visa validity period ranges from three to six months, depending on the number of visits you make. If you enter the country through the airport, you will be issued a visa of 30 or 60-day permission depending on whether your home country made an agreement with the Thailand government on visa exception. When you arrive in Thailand through land border, you will issue 15-day visa permission to stay in the immigration post as a tourist, after which you will be required exit the country before or on the expiration of the visa validity period. However, when essential, your visa can be extended, for instance, if you need to spend more time on exploration in Thailand. You will be required to file application for the extension of the period of stay at the Office of Immigration Bureau. Keep in mind that the success of the extension period is solely at the discretion of the officer who presides on your application.

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