Features of Slot games Explained

September 30, 2020

Some of the most exciting online slots at casinos have brilliant additional features which players have the opportunity to unlock while they play by landing certain symbols including Scatter symbols and Wild symbols, for more details check Storbonus. Wilds and Scatters are quite common and you will find them in a lot of video slot games and they are usually themed so they stand out to players and trigger free spins, bonus rounds and lucrative prizes. However, as game developers continue to innovate, new and more complex game features are now becoming more commonplace. Let’s take a look at the most common slot features and some of the most innovative and exciting features that player’s love.  

Scatter Symbols 

One of the most common features you will see in a slot game is a Scatter symbol which is named a scatter because they look like they are scattered at random across the reels and can trigger a win or a bonus round on anywhere on the reel. Players love scatters as they can unlock exciting and lucrative bonus games and rounds which could lead to prizes and extra spins for lucky players 


A wild symbol is essentially the “joker card” of slot games and can be used to substitute any other symbol on the reels with the exception of the scatter symbol and this will help players to land more winning combinations. The vast majority of video slots will have wild symbols which will once again be a themed symbol in keeping with the game’s narrative and genre. Like the scatter symbol, players love them as it increased their chances of winning! 


Often Scatters and Wilds act as multipliers in slots which means they will land across a payline and then multiply the prize by a certain amount for every coin wagered on each payline. Some games are more generous than others and on some slots, the multiplier can double every time it lands on a payline, from x 1 the bet all the way up to over 30 x the wager. So if you were to win £100, with a multiplier you could win £3,000 or more depending on the multiplier! A top tip from expert slot players is to always play all of the paylines available to maximise the bonus multiplier. 

Collapsing Stacks 

A new, innovating and extremely enticing slot feature is Collapsing Stacks which can also be called Freefalls and the feature has been derived from Social games such as Candy Crush, Tetris and Bejewelled where winning combinations of symbols will fall away and disappear and then new symbols will dropdown. This feature is popular as it means players get the opportunity to land more winning combinations and breaks away from the traditional slot format by creating a long succession of winning combinations from a single spin! 

This new and exciting feature demonstrates how reactive the online slot market is to gaming trends and players preferences so in the future no doubt there will be even more innovative features to take advantage of.