Finding the Best Travel Accommodation in Europe

November 14, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.12.52 AMOne important element when travelling is accommodation. It becomes a major concern, especially when travelling with kids. Before you travel, it is essential that you book accommodation in advance. Where can you stay with your kids when travelling to Europe? Here are some accommodation options and how to find the best for you.


There are hostels in various parts of Europe. These facilities not only offer accommodation for students and young backpackers. There are classy hostels that have several rooms with shared beds for families. Renting a room in a hostel includes shared facilities such as the kitchen, dining area and bathroom.

Although renting a room in a hostel may be economical when travelling alone, it is very expensive when travelling as a family. Hostels usually charge per person. The cost of accommodation for several family members may add up to be more expensive than booking a hotel room.

Hotel rooms

If you have travelled before, you have most likely spent a night in a hotel room. It is very easy to find a hotel in any part of Europe. Most destinations offer a wide range of hotel rooms.

Although hotel rooms may offer comfort greater for your family, they have their limitations. First, most rooms are too small for a family. You may have to rent several hotel rooms when travelling as a family. This may add up to be the most expensive type of accommodation. However, it would be an ideal choice when travelling alone for a short stay.

Holiday rentals

If you are staying for several days and nights, the best accommodation option is staying in a holiday rental. Rental apartments Edinburgh offers are generally large enough to accommodate your family. Once rented, you become the occupant of the apartment until your departure date. The best thing about a holiday rental is that it provides a similar level of comfort to that of your own home. A holiday apartment has bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and dining room.

Rental apartments differ in size and features. In fact, these apartments are fully-furnished with all the furniture, utensils, electronics and other appliances you need for your stay. Unlike staying in a hotel, staying in a holiday rental provides maximum privacy, and safety for your luggage. When travelling as a family, there are children’s play facilities to keep your kids busy, and so they enjoy their stay.

Europe is home to hundreds of attractions. Where do you plan to enjoy this year’s holiday? As you plan for the upcoming holiday season, don’t forget to book accommodation in advance. The easiest way to find a rental apartment is to search online.