Flying Private: The Key To Maintaining a Zen State of Mind While Traveling

September 23, 2020

When you’re fantasizing over your next zen-inspired trip—somewhere quiet, calm and relaxing—do you imagine traveling to your destination via commercial flight?

The crowded airports, the long lines, the endless hassles, and the threat of airborne illness…does that sound relaxing?

I didn’t think so.

Flying private through a company like Access Jet Group may be a better option and more reasonable than you think. And when you consider the benefits of traveling this way, you may decide it is worth the premium.

Let’s say you’re traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, for a week-long silent retreat. Flying private will ensure you arrive in the right state of mind. Here’s why:

Quiet Comfort

Smaller planes mean fewer passengers and a more peaceful travel experience. And with their luxurious interiors with wide seats and plenty of legroom, you’ll discover just how comfortable air travel can be.

No Hassles

Flying private is virtually hassle-free because you’re able to skip the airport experience completely. You can usually park close to the aircraft and board, skipping TSA and bag check lines and the walk to your terminal and gate.

Food Options

You’ll get to choose what is being served in-flight. So if healthy, whole foods are what you need to get ready for your week of silence, just ask ahead of time and you shall receive.

Few Luggage Restrictions

You won’t have to worry about bag fees and restrictions on liquids and other items, but you may be given a maximum weight depending on the number of passengers. So you’ll be able to bring your yoga mat, pillow, your collection of essential oils, an animal companion, and whatever else you need to be comfortable on your retreat.

Shorter Travel Time

When you travel by private jet, you board the plane a few minutes before take off. There’s no need to figure in the extra time needed for parking, walking to the terminal, checking bags, going through security, and reaching your gate. Once you land, you hop off the plane and you’re on your way. So you can really shorten the overall travel time to your destination.

Time to Fly!

Now imagine returning from your week long silent retreat and having all your senses assaulted, your sense of calm and enlightenment destroyed by a busy commercial airport. You’d lose all the great after effects of your retreat.

So consider carefully the way you travel to and from your future destinations—it really is just as important as choosing the actual destination.