Forget Galentine’s Day — Have a BNO!

February 12, 2020

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become an important holiday on the calendar that can’t be missed. Every year, on February 14th, couples around the world celebrate love and show affection to their significant other with presents, flowers, chocolate and so on.

But not everyone feels the same about this day. In 2017, YouGov conducted a survey and found that the majority of Brits have a very opposed view of Valentine’s Day. Over eighty-six per cent of the participants stated that the day itself has become too commercial, while only four per cent of the participants said they love the celebration.

Galentine’s day was created 10 years ago, from an episode of Parks and Recreation, and has become a tradition since then.  In the US sitcom, the main character Leslie Knope set Galentine’s Day on February 13th to celebrate female friendship. She believed the best way to do it was with a boozy brunch on a mini holiday with her best ‘galfriends’. It is no surprise that this has now become an emerging trend, an event that women don’t want to miss. Whether it’s dinner or coffee, women all over the world gather with friends and enjoy ‘Galentine’s’

But what about the men? If you and the boys are not so lucky in love, then why not organise your very own boy bash to celebrate your mates? Here’s your ultimate guide to a BNO — boys’ night out (or in?!)

Indulge in a steak dinner

A nice dinner is always a great opportunity to celebrate your best friends. For the male version of Galentine’s Day this year, why not spoil yourself and the rest of your friends with a delicious meal out? Put a nice shirt or a suit jacket on, get together and spend the evening at your favourite steakhouse. And why not head into town to enjoy a few drinks afterwards?

Check out the movies

Who doesn’t love the movies? You and your dearest group of friends could go to the cinema for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you do some research to find out what’s on during that week and the times. Then just pick the movie that best suits your taste. The cinema is a chilled, yet very fun setting for guys looking to enjoy Valentine’s Day as singles.

Try something new: beer or wine tasting

Since you love your beer, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for you and the boys to enjoy tasting. Gather some thoughts from the rest of the squad and choose between an evening of fine wine tasting or a more laid-back beer tasting. Whichever you choose, you certainly can’t go wrong with a bunch of guys and alcohol involved.  

Make your move at bowling

The bowling alley is a great setting for good laughs and some healthy competition. It is another way to celebrate a boys’ night out with a few drinks and some snacks while enjoying each other’s company. And maybe the one who got the lowest score could pay for drinks for the rest of the group?

Host a boys’ night in

Now, as surprising as it may sound, a night in with the boys does not have to involve cheap canned beer or belly scrapping. You and your friends could dress up nicely (you can’t go wrong with a men’s shirt and a pair of jeans), get some snacks or go with finger food to class it up, put the flat screen on and enjoy a night in.  

Having put together these ideas for single boys who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it looks like we’re not too far away from BNO becoming its own holiday too.