Health hacks to improve your life

September 07, 2016

With the fast pace of life these days, you are always looking for ways to make life easier. It goes beyond having schedules and lists. You need some tips that can help you get everything done, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will be happy to know there are some great health hacks that will improve your life.

Dry skin is one of the worst parts of winter. You run the humidifier and constantly use lotion, but you are still scratching at your rough skin. Try smoothing honey on your skin and letting it set for 30 minutes. The moisture will help with inflammation and dryness. Olive oil is another cupboard staple than can help soothe dry skin. Rub it on right after you bathe to lock in the moisture.


When you have vision problems, glasses can be frustrating because they fog up in certain types of weather, they can get in the way of sports, and they can be easily damaged. Contacts are better, but still require some time-consuming maintenance. And the costs of changing prescriptions really add up. It’s time for you to get laser eye surgery but you first need to know how much a Lasik Eye Surgery Cost Without Insurance and one with insurance. Once you have this, there’ll be no more scratches, no more saline solution – just great vision.

Would you like to eat something that fights heart disease, cancer and maybe even depression? Then fill up on Omega-3s found in fish and nuts. Or you can opt for a dietary supplement if you’re not a fish lover.

Remember when you were a kid and got mad when you had to take a nap? You wanted to play all day, but your parents knew those naps would improve your mood and your energy level. Turns out, the same is true for you as an adult. Naps can boost your spirits and your energy, so feel free to indulge. But keep in mind your naps shouldn’t be too long, or it could disrupt your sleep at night. Aim for no more than 40 minutes.

Do you find your concentration starts to lag at work? It might seem the opposite of logical, but if you add some white noise like nature sounds, you will be able to focus better.


If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, it may be because you are spending too much time looking at your mobile device. Try disconnecting from your device at least 30 minutes before going to bed to ensure a good night’s rest.

Fighting the battle of the bulge will be easier if you use apps that can help you record your food and track your nutritional goals. There are apps that have exercise programs starting with routines as short as five minutes, so you won’t have an excuse to skip it. Don’t shop when you’re hungry, lest you buy all the chocolate chips cookies in the store. And what hack list on health would be complete without encouraging you to drink lots of water, one of the best ways to oxygenate your brain and flush toxins from your system?

It doesn’t take much to simplify your routine and find more time for important things. Use these hacks and you’ll be well on your way!