Healthy Tips for a Healthy Life

July 01, 2018

Are you feeling healthy? I know when my health is at its best, I’m much more productive, energetic, and I have an overall feeling of wellbeing. Life is very busy these days, whether you’re juggling a career and a family, or university and work, we are piling more and more onto our respective plates – in more ways than one. It’s important to check in with yourself every now and then to ensure that you’re investing enough time in self care. These are my healthy tips for a healthy life.


1. Pamper Yourself

I’m a big advocate for taking some time out to read a book in a bubble bath. If I’m taking showers I make the effort to do a scrub every now and then and a face mask when I remember. I love having massages and like to have a few a year as I find that it helps me stay on top of my stress levels and prevents lower back pain. Everyone has different things that help them de-stress and feel cared for. My partner, for example, loves to spend one or two hours in the gym boxing. Whatever is your special thing that makes you feel relaxed, is probably something you want to consider making a part of your routine.

2. Get Active

As we get older, it’s hard to keep active and our expanding waistlines are a good testament of that. Find a hobby you love that’s physical and get into it. If possible, join something social or with social accountability so that if you don’t show up, you’re missed. That’s a great way to ensure you’ll be there, because there’s nothing worse than a friend hassling you for missing spin class because you decided to blob on the couch instead.


3. Check Out Your Health Coverage

Regardless of where your health is at the moment, it’s important to make sure your health is covered. Many countries around the world offer state based hospital care, which is an easy option for those of you living in such lucky countries. For those of us not living in a country that provides universal health care, it’s even more important that we prepare in case of the worst, and take out some kind of health coverage. For countries participating in the EHIC system, there’s the European Health Insurance Card which allows you to receive low cost medical solutions in participating countries. Here’s where you can Apply: European Health Card Application.

4. Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are SO good for us. Most of us are not eating enough vegetables which is dangerous for our health. It’s important to eat a few servings of fruit and vegetables a day – for all the nutrients, the fibre, and all the good stuff contained in them. If you are not a fan of eating vegetables, consider making smoothies or juices with a mix of vegetales and some fruits to sweeten them up a bit naturally. I personally add in some extra fibre to my smoothies to help my body feel more satisfied and to help prevent colon issues later in life. Furthermore, if you are ever in the supermarket don’t forget to hit up the healthy food aisle, there will find a wide range of brands such as Clearspring. Adding some healthy alternatives to your diet can also be very effective at keeping you healthy.

5. Seek Help When You Need It

At times, there’s a stigma about getting counselling or the help you need, but there really shouldn’t be. Finding a good psychiatrist London can be a way to unravel some of your history and work through blockages stopping you from achieving the life you want.

It’s not impossible to have a healthy life even though our modern society seems to be designed without health in mind. Taking these tips into consideration will help ensure that you’re feeling as good as you can!