Holiday ideas for students

August 31, 2016

It can be tough being a student, all that stress from exams and assignments leave you desperately in need of a holiday. Though it’s hard to think how you will be able to afford one when living off a student budget. However having a holiday doesn’t need to be expensive, and there are plenty of cheap holidays students can take. So pack a bag and use one of these great ideas for your next student break.


Road Trip with friends

Pack the car, pack a bag and set off on the road with your best buds. Head to your nearest beach town or simply just make stops along the way. The more people you have in the car the better, as it splits petrol and travel costs. You can pick up a cheap holiday rental home with a kitchen so you save on food costs, or even pack a tent to go camping. Or if you want to be super adventurous build a bonfire and sleep under the beautiful stars. You can find a great selection of well priced camping gear at Planet Camping to ensure your next trip is amazing but within your ideal budget.

Camp America

This has to be one of the most popular travel options for students, where you can head to the U.S for 9 weeks of summer camping, working, playing and travelling. It’s a great way to meet other world wide university student’s too. Whilst it is working over the summer holiday, being a camp counselor in the sun is still great fun.


Work Exchange

Work exchange is another great way to travel worldwide with your cost of living paid for. The way it works is generally you provide services in exchange for free accommodation and food. This can be anything from working on a farm, helping paint a house, being a nanny and the list goes on. You can generally find a work exchange in any country you want to visit, so it’s a great option for those super expensive places to travel too.

Couch Surfing

Have you tried couch surfing yet? Well it’s about time you did if you want to save on accommodation costs, as well as meet some awesome new people. Couch surfing has become super popular as a free accommodation tool for backpackers. The way it works is locals offer up their couches for people visiting. Staying with a local too gives you great insight into your destination.


Last minute deals

There are so many great last minute holiday deals online. Airlines and hotels both can come up with some huge bargains when they are trying to sell excess space. So keep an eye online or sign up to travel websites and airlines sale alerts and you will be sure to find a good bargain.