How to Add More Water to Your Diet

January 10, 2019

Water is very essential for the body. In fact, it makes up about 70% of our bodies. For this reason, we must keep hydrated all the time even when playing online slots. Some people in general just don’t like taking water. In this article, we will teach you how to add more water to your diet.

How to Add More Water to Your Diet

Below, we will show you a few things that you can consider and think about to get you to love drinking more water.


All-Natural Water May Not Be Safer

There is a misconception that raw water is much safer than treated water. In fact, many believe that raw water contains minerals and some probiotics that are needed by the body. However, people don’t realise that they will actually be consuming some things that are not desired by the body too.

We tend to get carried away when we play games at online casino sites and forget to drink some water. But keep in mind that filtered water does not contain some parasites that may be present in the water. The filtering process gets rid of all impurities that may be found in unprocessed water. For this reason, there is really no assurance that spring water is completely safe.

Add Lemon to your Water

Adding lemon to drinking water improves its taste. On top of that, lemon contains potassium which plays a part in hydration. You can amp up your water with a squeeze of lemon. Also, try adding a pinch of sea salt to the water. Sea salt does a very good job retaining the right amount of water in the body. If you exercise, it is recommended to make this your pre-exercise drink.

Choose You Water Bottle Wisely

Actually, there might be a real bottle in that water bottle of yours. Reusing the crinkly, clear water bottles might not be a very good idea. A professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch has warned against this. He says that these bottles may, under certain conditions, leach their chemicals into the water. As a result, the chemicals will cause some unwanted hormonal effects to the body. For that reason, if the bottle doesn’t say ‘reusable’, recycle it.