How To Build The Best Car Emergency Kit

July 18, 2017
Safety is key when it comes to driving. Beside being alert when you are a loved one are driving, you never know when you might need a car emergency kit. Whether you’re hitting the road with the top down for a long drive, or just going to your Grandparent’s for the weekend – these tops tips will help you maintain car safety along the way. Even if you drive a brand new Toyota Prius Prime, you never know when a car emergency kit can come in handy. Here’s the “must haves” for the best car emergency kit.
  1. First Aid Kit: This can come in handy even when you pop to the grocery store, because you never know when you might need a bandaid. Be sure to pack bandaids, gauze, scissors, pain relievers, antiseptic wipes or alcohol swabs, and antibiotic cream or gel.

  2. Flashlight: You might need this to change a tire or walk to safety in the dark.

  3. Food & Water: Great for times you might have to sleep in your car or are trapped for more than a few hours. Bottles of water and snacks like tree nuts, nut butters and crackers are great. Anything non-perishable is perfect for an emergency car kit.

  4. Gloves: Whether you are changing a tire or attaching jumper cables – work gloves are a great addition to your car emergency kit.

  5. USB Battery Pack: This can help you stay in touch or communicate with emergency services in the event that your cell phone loses battery charge.

  6. Duct Tape: From patching hoses and tires, to reattaching a bumper or headlight a roll of duct tape goes a long way in quick repairs.

  7. Heavy Blanket: This will come in handy if you’re stranded overnight with no heat.

  8. Climate Essentials: Remember to stock your car emergency with inclement weather gear. This is especially true for people who live in winter climates that may have to battle snow and ice. Pack gloves, hand warmer and feet warmers, extra socks, snow boots or wellies.