How to Cope with the Fear of Traveling

June 07, 2020

The fear of traveling is called hodophobia. We know it sounds a little odd since it’s the fear of travelling. Because let’s be honest, if we were to ask you what the name of the fear of travelling is, you would most likely say travelophobia. But anyways, that that. However, we will focus on hodophobia, the fear of travelling and ways that you can over come it so that you can concur your fear and start travelling and see the world!

How to beat the fear of travelling

There are many different phobias, and as many as they are, there are ways to beat them as well.

1.      Plan Your Route

Don’t just jump on a bus and get off at the last stop, this will make your phobia even worse. Plan your route carefully and if possible plan it around things and places you love. That way the thought of actually getting there excites more than the journey and the travelling aspect.

2.      Visualize

As we said, plan your route, by so doing, you can also visualize the journey. In your minds eye, see yourself getting to the airport, boarding the plan and getting off. Such that, when you actually do it, it doesn’t feel like you are travelling but just like a routine.

3.      Relax

Make sure that you try and relax as much as possible. You can play online casino games at the best online casinos if they help you relax or listen to music. You can sleep all throughout the journey. Just try to keep yourself calm at all time. And if possible, notify all relevant authorities on the trip of your phobia, juts in case something out of the blue happens.

4.      Take a Friend

Trying to relax alone can be creepy, especially if you are trying to beat the fear of travelling. That is why you can take a friend even if you didn’t win a big jackpot at a casino online. It will be easier for them to calm you down.