How To Design The Most Relaxing Zen Den Or Meditation Space

March 09, 2021

Have you been shopping for blue wallpaper, aromatherapeutic oils and soft throw pillows? If so, you might be on your way to crafting your very own at-home meditation space. Having a personal Zen den can be the ideal way to make time for self-care and relaxation without having to go to meditation group classes or meet with an instructor, but making sure the space is as soothing as possible can seem like a complex interior design project. Thankfully, even more hands-on design aspects of a Zen space like getting special wallpaper for walls or building in bookshelves for meditation reference works can be streamlined by following a few key guidelines.

Choose a Quiet Nook and Focus on a Calming Color Scheme

For a truly Zen space, you’ll need a quiet nook that can easily be transformed into your own personal oasis. A spare room in your home, an empty outdoor space or even a secluded corner would all work well. Once you’ve identified your spot, the next step is to choose a color scheme and matching décor that will help with your meditation. Low-key California wall art, calming wallpaper and even hanging mirrors could all help create a chill foundation for your space. If your nook needs to be separated from the rest of your home to create a bit of extra privacy, consider setting up a room divider or hanging up a curtain that works with your chosen color scheme.

Create a Soothing Aura With Specially Chosen Room Accessories

Supplying your meditation space with plenty of special accessories is one of the best ways to help create a soothing aura in the room. Your final room design should include space for items that can help create a Zen feel, including:

  • Essential oils and fragrances
  • Plants
  • Light dimmers
  • Stress balls and other concentration tools

These items can not only help you get into the right mindset when you enter the room, but can aid your meditation routines. For example, using essential oils, lighting a scented candle or dimming the lights when you start meditating could potentially help take your session to the next level.

Recreate Your “Happy Place” as Much as Possible

Perhaps the most important tip to remember when designing your Zen den is to ensure the vibe reflects the sort of environment that you find calming. You may want to keep your ideal “happy place” in mind as you go through your design choices. For instance, if having books to reference as you meditate is helpful and relaxing for you, it might be a good idea to get some bookshelves built into the walls so you can easily access all of your favorite materials.

The benefits of having your own Zen meditation den can include everything from physical relaxation to improved mental health and more. Before you can start enjoying your private meditation space, you may want to incorporate a few key design features like soothing wall colors, helpful build-ins, added supplies such as essential oils and more. By following these streamlined design tips, you can easily craft an ultra-relaxing Zen den to call your own.