How to Find Peace at Work

May 21, 2021

At home, you probably have a number of ways to create a peaceful, relaxing space for yourself. Everything from your color choices, to natural decorations like houseplants, to soothing scents from dinner on the stove or a scent diffuser can help you to feel at ease in your own space. However, what can you do to make your office a more peaceful place for yourself and your employees?

Choose Natural Light

Unfortunately, too many offices are designed with cost more in mind than comfort, with warehouse-style designs and limited windows being very common. Executives may get an office at the perimeter with plenty of windows, but most employees have to work in cubicles in the center of the building where little if any natural light penetrates. 

This lack of natural light alone can have a serious negative effect on morale. Allowing natural light into a workspace makes for happier employees, reduces eye strain, and even saves money because you do not need to spend as much on artificial lighting. Consider hiring Key Interiors to redesign your office space with more natural light.

Incorporate Group Stretches

Group yoga and stretches at the workplace are fairly common in Eastern businesses, but very few Western companies take advantage of all of the benefits of this practice. Yoga and stretching throughout the day reduce strain and stress on the body, refresh the mind, and, when done as a group activity, improve bonding among employees. 

Simply sharing space and doing something together that does not involve making reports or listening to meetings can dramatically improve how your employees feel towards one another and towards management. This can be a very affordable, easy way to make your office a more peaceful place to work.

Allow the Comforts of Home

Simple things like a houseplant or fishbowl on the desktop, a couple of favorite knick knacks or memorabilia, or a blanket strewn over an office chair can go a long way to make employees feel more at ease and comfortable in their workspace. Too often, workspaces are centered on conformity and end up removing individuality from workers. 

This can cause employees to feel more isolated and stressed at work and may make them want to do nothing more than hurry up and get done with the workday so they can return to the comforts of home. Simply giving your employees permission and encouraging them to bring things from home can dramatically improve their peace while at work.

Enjoy a More Peaceful Workplace

Whatever kind of job you have, there is bound to be a measure of stress involved in your everyday life. However, incorporating some simple elements like natural light, group stretches or yoga, and the comforts of home at work can go a long way to make it a more peaceful place for you and your employees.