How to fly by private jet charter for less

September 28, 2021

Private jet charters are a luxurious experience, but also a relaxing and meditative one. Given the space to relax, comfortable seating and friendly service, the experience is wholly more positive and happier than commercial flights. But, private jets also come with a significant price tag, and not everyone will want to pay for fractional jet ownership, especially as they will have to share it with people they may not know and may even have to work around other people’s schedules when it comes to using the jet. So, how can you fly by private jet charter for less?


Big groups, off season

Like in any industry or service, you can often receive discounts and lower prices by booking in bulk. Private jet charters are not booked per seat, but by plane with the cost dependant on its capacity and availability. Typically capacity for private jets are between 6 and 12 passengers. For example the Bombardier Global 8000 has a capacity of 8 So, ideally you would want to fill every seat on the plane to minimise the cost per person.

Also, as with commercial flights, there are busier seasons, such as Christmas, New Years and school summer holidays. If you are able to travel outside of peak seasons, you can get significant reductions in the cost of booking your private jet charter.

Use a private jet charter broker

Private jets can be booked directly, but most often they are booked via aviation brokers like Bespoke Air Charter or PrivateFly. PrivateFly uses online booking, whereas Bespoke Air Charter prefers the personal approach – and it’s one that could save you money on your flight. Knowing the industry, airports and pilots, they can advise on when to book, who with and from which airports you can get the best deals. Additionally, they can also spot empty legs that would suit your needs.

Empty leg charters

As mentioned previously, empty leg charters can be found easily by private jet charter brokers. Empty legs occur when a flyer has booked a flight one way. As a result, they have paid an increased rate to do this. It means that the plane already needs to make a return journey and the broker is able to get the flight for a reduced rate.

The only downside of empty legs is that they will leave from specific destinations and times, meaning you don’t have the flexibility you’d normally get with a private jet charter.  However, it’s more than made up for by the cheaper flights and superior service and cabin.