How to get rid or bad breathe?

January 10, 2019

Many things cause bad breathe. And you cannot beat yourself up because of that. The main thing that causes bad breathe is the bacteria that accumulate in your mouth. One should know that there are good and bad bacteria.

The bad bacteria is what we do not like to keep in our system. So then what happens is that bacteria stay in moist places. It builds up and becomes a burden. The one that we do not want to keep. The one that causes people to run away from us when this happens. The sad thing is that we can really never see this bacteria with our eyes but all we know is that we have to get rid of it.

Brush your teeth often and don’t floss

We have seen so many articles that encourage people to floss. Even when you are carried away by playing online pokies games, never floss, rather make some time. Flossing is not even encouraged by a dentist. What it does is that at times it hurts your gums. And might even lead to one having bleeding gums.

Brushing your teeth is always the way to go. 3 times a day or after every meal you should ensure that you brush your teeth.


Use natural ingredients

People do spend money on all these expensive products. But just the less expensive ones might go a long way. Have you ever tried mixing lemon with soda and make a paste? After that is done you then use that paste to brush your teeth. And get this! Not only will it improve on your breathe but will also whiten your teeth. Also saving you money to play online casino games at UK, US or South African online casinos or go on holiday.

Scrape the tongue

The tongue is the biggest enemy. It keeps dirt and that dirt is a breeding ground for bacteria. We know that people dodge the tongue because other people see mostly your teeth when talking. But you have to clean the tongue. The white stuff you see on it is not just a color but dirt and bacteria. So keep the tongue nice and clean and have a fresh breath all day.