How to Know Where to Start as a Perfectionist

March 30, 2021

When you’re a perfectionist, getting it right is important in every area of your life – whether it’s building a shelf, making a cake, buying a gift, or excelling at school. But just because it’s important doesn’t mean it’s easy – in fact, just the opposite. When you’re dead set on getting something perfectly right, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. In a lot of life, there is no perfect option, but we can help you make a start in areas where there’s a really good one.

  1. The perfect home

What’s the biggest potential flaw in any home project, from baking to building a shelf? Having the wrong materials is a bad start, or not being clear on what you want as well. But the biggest flaw – the hardest to rectify, at any rate – is getting the wrong measurements. How many times have you built something only to find it’s off by just enough that it doesn’t fit where you want it to? Or that it’s too lightweight to hold what you wanted to use it to store? Having accurate measuring equipment, from a spirit level to a pallet scale to a meter stick, is vital when you’re thinking about doing any home improvement or building work.

  1. The perfect gift

When kids are at a certain age, it gets awkward to buy gifts for them. When they’re too old for picture books and stuffed toys but still too young for CDs and clothes – what do you buy them? Well, to make them feel like they’re one of the grown-ups – but actually making sure they keep their childish sweetness – you can get them accessories. From pretty earrings to rugged backpacks, every kid is out to discover their own personal style and you can help them by getting them just the right accessory and helping them learn more about what they like (or don’t like – but hopefully the former.)

  1. The perfect education

This is somewhat of a bigger issue than the other two, but that’s even more reason for us to help you out with it. Choosing how to educate your child is perhaps the biggest choice you’ll ever, make for them and it’s natural to want only the best – and impossible to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice. But whether you’re looking for boarding schools in Toronto or quaker schools in NYC, the best way to start is to work out what your child enjoys most – art, reading, maths, science? – and then pick a school that you know they’ll be able to attend and enjoy that.

Being a perfectionist is the original double-edged sword – very much a blessing and a curse. But you can find a starting point for any problem if you know where to look and hopefully, we’ve helped to set you off down a few great paths here today.