How to Make Your Visit to the Dead Sea a Success

July 04, 2018

Floating in the dead sea is a truly sublime experience. It’s probably one of the most memorable must-do items on anyone’s bucket list. So, before looking at Dead Sea hotels and booking your flights to Israel, here’s how to make your visit to the lowest point on the planet below sea level a success.

What Does Swimming in the Dead Sea Feel Like?

The Dead Sea is extremely salty. It has a saline rate of 33.7% and is one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth. Because the water is so salty, it creates a feeling of weightlessness when you enter the sea. Even heavy things float in the Dead Sea, so heavy people will love the unique sensation of weightlessness. Wade into the Dead Sea and hop on to your back. It is like lying on a comfortable couch. You will remember this moment for a lifetime, but only if you follow the tips below.


Wear Sandals on the Beach

The beach adjacent to the Dead Sea may look pretty, but it’s not made of sand. Rather, it is made of salt crystals, which are quite large and surprisingly sharp. Wear some sandals or beach shoe – the tougher, the better – otherwise, your feet will be sore and a dip in the Dead Sea will sting – see below for more details.

Be Prepared for it to Sting

Hypersaline water can sting. Imagine rubbing salt into a wound. Yes, it hurts. Immersing one’s body into the salty water of the Dead Sea is wonderful, but not if you have any scratches, cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. The salty water stings and burns. If you have any wounds or broken skin, bandage it up or cover the area with a waterproof plaster.

For the same reason, don’t shave any parts of your body for a few days before you go into the Dead Sea. This includes your face, legs, and genitals. Ignore this piece of advice at your peril. It won’t be a happy experience if you do!

Don’t Dip Your Face in the Water

Just because you’re a freestyle demon in the water, don’t forget that the Dead Sea is not like other water. Dip your face in the water and you’ll soon regret it. The high salt content will sting your eyes and make you temporarily blind. The water also tastes disgusting, even if you don’t open your mouth. Why ruin that perfect Instagram photo opportunity with a candid shot of you screaming and flapping around like a demented seal?

Try the Mud

The therapeutic mineral-enriched mud is one of the reasons why so many people flock to the Dead Sea. You will have to pay extra for the chance to slather your face and body with Dead Sea mud, but it is well worth the expense.

However, don’t wear your best swimsuit when you cover yourself in mud and take a dip in the Dead Sea. It probably won’t recover too well!

If you follow the tips we have discussed, your trip to the Dead Sea will be one to remember!