How to Overcome Post-confinement Sequels

August 04, 2022

People’s feelings and emotions are very complex to understand and manage. It’s funny how in addition, the same thing can affect each other differently. Especially in borderline and protracted situations like the one that everyone now lives on due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moments of staying at home longer, reducing social contact, physically moving away from the nearest people, wearing gloves and masks, hearing everywhere about contagions, about companies closing, economic crisis looming, protests… A scenario that is very negative for the near future.

Anxiety and stress increase as a result of fear and uncertainty. The escape routes that used to provide relief are now difficult to reach. Travel, holidays, staying with friends or a partner, visiting relatives with whom people do not live together and even physical relationships. Sex with lovers, an mature independent escorts in Glasgow or with a more serious partner. 

Any way helps to forget for a few moments the most unprecedented reality.

A new quarantine and confinement syndrome has even emerged. Called the “Cabin Fever” syndrome, it refers to the feeling of habit and comfort that has been created in the home. It is an emotional state in which fear, anxiety and even anger at the idea of returning to the streets arise. People begin to imagine themselves again surrounded by noise, crowds, transportation, work, and others. After so much time alone at home, that can represent too much contrast. Everyone’s adaptability is different and has its limits.

For many, this pandemic situation with the virus has meant a kind of limbo. Like a pause in the life of everyone. At first, it was downplayed, even with joy because people could catch up with all the shows and movies pending, as well as finish all those things for which there was never time to do at home. People were able to consume so much content during this time. They watched new shows and streamed various movies through different platforms thanks to the best firefox vpn they could find, or any vpn that could offer up the content they needed to keep their minds busy. It was a time to distract.

However, it is a stop that already lasts too long and is increasingly difficult to manage and control the emotional aspects. Sadness, negativity and fear played with everyone’s minds, but hopefully, it looks like some hope is emerging and the light can be seen slowly.

That is why many professionals and experts around the world, such as Skokka and the experienced female escorts in Melbourne, are making known their recommendations so that the return to the new normality, so longed for, is as simple and pleasant as possible. 

Firstly, it is important to follow safety and health standards and recommendations. 

Such as the use of gloves, masks, social distance, washing hands a lot, greeting with the elbow/feet, avoiding large concentrations in closed spaces… Measures that can help everyone feel safer and more confident, and this is a very important thing when it comes to managing this whole situation. 

Second, take a deep breath. It is important to try not to dwell too much on the matter, but still, not to feel bad or guilty about any feelings that arise. It is normal that the whole situation of the pandemic affects and influences the way people feel and think, so the worst thing that can be done is to self-resist because it should not feel that way, mainly because it will only enhance that feeling in the long run.

Therefore, it is recommended to go slowly, taking the necessary time, without haste but without pause. Doing things in a progressive way, trying not to go from zero to a hundred in a second and giving time to re-adapt to the new situation. In the end, find a way to get comfortable again in social and routine events outside the house.

There are some who even highlight how beneficial it can be to organize life. Like with a healthy menu, writing things that need to be done, looking for new routines, enjoying some hobbie, learning new skills… In this way, within uncertainty, some stability is created, something to hold on to.

It can also be highly recommended to write a diary. A place where it’s possible to express all thoughts and feelings… A good way of escaping that before was so easily counted. 

Even masturbate, because it encourages self-knowledge. Perhaps it is not as satisfying as sex itself with the partner, lover or British escort but it does produce very similar benefits. 

Finally, another recommended thing is to seek support. People of trust and closeness, who can accompany during the process and motivate to continue advancing and progressing. 

On the other hand, if reality surpasses, it is also important to seek the help of a professional, either a therapist or someone who can listen, an expert who can advise and offer more tools to make everything easier to endure.

The fact is that people are not the same, and yet, no one expected anything like what happened with COVID-19, so it’s important to stay together. Help and support each other and keep making an effort to help this all end, which it will. And then, everyone can move on with their lives as they did before or even better after the pandemic. Everything will be fine.