How to Play Online Slots Responsibly

June 13, 2019

Online slots is one of the key pass-time activities of many people. However, with any gambling activity come certain risks. While many have heard about gambling addiction, most people don’t think that it could ever affect them and often don’t think about how to play online slots responsibly.

Believe it or not, many online casinos do care about the wellbeing of their players, often employing people that are experts in responsible gambling. That is why, CasinoChan, an online casino in Canada, has offered some advice on gambling responsibly.

Gambling is for leisure

When playing at an online casino, it should always be exciting and unassuming. Remember, it is a place to have fun and relax. The urge to play longer can be stressful for you and people around you, whereas there is nothing wrong with sensible gaming sessions.


Consideration and safety

Whenever you see one the new online casino games and think that you want to try your luck, remember a few things. First, the point above. You should play a game for the sake of fun. Second, make sure to not chase your winnings. It’s great to feel lucky and confident. But it’s also crucial to be considerate and keep in mind that slots are games of chance – you might win, you might lose, but excitement should’ve the thing that attracts you.

See if your casino can help

Online casinos have various ways of helping you be in check or exclude you if necessary. Should you feel that there should be a limit on your bankroll – contact the support. Should you feel that you need a reminder to have a pause from gambling – ask them for help.

Most importantly, any online casino can exclude you from gambling, if you feel there is a problem. Self-exclusion rule is one of the most stringent in all of online casinos anywhere.

Gambling limits

As mentioned, there are various limits that you can set up to avoid overindulging in online gambling.

Deposit limit

This is one of the most effective limits. Simply set your daily/weekly/monthly deposit limit, so that you won’t spend more than you can afford.

Loss limit

Limit the amount of losses you can incure from your bets, so that you won’t lose too much. This can sometimes be better than the previous option, as you might still have some deposited funds left after you reached the loss limit.

Wager limit or bet limit

This will limit the amount of money you can bet at a time. This way, you won’t be able to place a spontaneous huge bet and lose all your deposits quickly.


All in all, it’s important that you remember the purpose of playing at an online casino – having fun. The thrill of chance – winning or losing money – is part of the fun, but not the ultimate goal. Additionally, don’t be afraid to contact the casino for help or exclusion. They will be happy to help someone who wants play online slots responsibly.