How to Save Money and Improve your Health while Travelling

July 21, 2015

Travelling can get expensive. Along with accommodation, food, travel insurance, tours, and getting from point A to point B, smoking cigarettes can put a huge dent in your budget. Sure, you may pay around $1 for a packet of cigarettes in Southeast Asia, but in Western countries you’re looking at paying a lot more, for example Australia where you’d pay $16, and New Zealand where you can expect to pay close to $18.

Let’s not forget that smoking is seriously bad for you. Along with bad breath, stained fingers and teeth, and premature wrinkles, you can expect to be at far greater risk of a huge range of cancers, including tongue cancer, which could mean you need to have it removed one day.


In many parts of the word, smoking is considered antisocial. Many countries have banned smoking inside, and you often also need to be a certain distance from the entrance of malls, bars, and restaurants. Plus, it’s hard to convince that cute foreign guy or girl to give you their number when your clothes and hair smells like stale smoke. Ew.

Smoking while travelling is also just plain inconvenient. You’ll find yourself on long-haul flights, and can expect to be on buses for 12-18 hours. Don’t count on having many cigarette breaks, since you obviously can’t smoke on a plane, and bus drivers have schedules to stick to.


The answer? E cigarettes. These are an excellent way to keep your hands busy if you’re trying to quit, and they’re still new enough that they look cool and intriguing, and are likely to have people approaching you to check them out-something which is a great ice-breaker when you’re travelling and want to meet new people.

The great thing about an e cigarette, is you can smoke it in places where you couldn’t smoke a regular cigarette, such as on public transport, in a bar or restaurant, airport, or even in the movies.

Depending on how many packs of cigarettes you smoke per week, an e cigarette can end up saving you a ton of money, and after a year of being smoke-free, you may find that quitting your habit has saved you enough money for a new flight. Do the calculations, and you may just find that you suddenly have a lot more motivation when it comes to quitting smoking.


Your sense of smell will improve, you’ll quit feeling out of control and constantly craving, and you’ll be less at risk for infertility issues later on. E cigarettes will allow you to have all of the “benefits” of smoking a cigarette (once you’ve gotten rid of that nasty nicotine craving), without any of the negatives. You’ll have something to do with your hands, and a fun way to meet people, without turning them off by the thick cloud of smoke hovering around your head.

If you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking, try e cigarettes, and make the whole process easier for yourself.