How to Start Your Own Mechanic Business in Australia?

October 19, 2020

As more and more people in Australia start to own vehicles, starting a car repairing and servicing centre is becoming a lucrative business opportunity. This is especially true for people who are passionate about automobiles and have a good degree of knowledge of all technical aspects related to them. The desire for financial independence is yet another reason why so many people are considering the option to start their own mechanic business. In reality, it isn’t easy to do.

Like starting any other business, starting a car mechanic business demands a high level of business savviness and personal dedication, determination, and self-confidence. If you are feeling clueless about how to go about with the process, then here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you:

  •  Plan properly

The first step to starting your own mechanic business in Australia is planning, something that’s typical of all business start-ups. Most automobile mechanics plunge into starting their venture out of sheer excitement, without having a proper plan in place. That can lead you to failure later on.

Hence, you should first create a concrete business plan, stating all your objectives and strategies. You will have to have a clear idea about your target customers and budget. Company details, such as a business logo, registered business address and phone number need to be considered. This will set the foundation for all proceeding steps.

  • Complete all your paperwork

First comes forming a legal entity, whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or a corporation, and obtain a business license. Once you register your company, you need to take care of your insurance. Since you will be self-employed, you will have to keep in mind various risks involved in the business.  

Any negligence while delivering your auto repairing services can call for legal action from your customers, something that can deplete your financial resources completely. To cover for these hefty expenses, you need a public liability insurance. To know more about public liability insurance for self-employed people, check this article. Besides, you also need to register your company with tax authorities and open a current account with a trustworthy bank in Australia.

  • Gather your equipment

An auto-repair company requires a variety of tools and equipment to offer repairing and servicing services. Without having the right tools in place, you will not be able to exceed your customer’s expectations. Delivering sub-standard services will not only cause financial damage to your customers but will also ruin your reputation in the market. To get the right set of tools, you need to get in touch with reliable suppliers.

To set up a successful mechanic business, you need to connect with auto parts suppliers who will be able to provide the necessary tools at the right price. Depending on the kind of cars you will be dealing with, you need to stock up your business with all auto parts to cater to your customer’s needs in the most effective way possible.

  • Set up the team

Besides auto-repairing tools and suppliers, you also need people who will be able to operate these tools. Running a mechanic business is certainly not a one-man show. You need to have a team of mechanics who will be able to deliver superior-quality auto-repairing services.

When setting up your team of mechanics, you should consider factors like the size of your business, estimated daily customers, budget and the expertise of the professionals you hire. Make sure you hire mechanics who are well-versed with different technical aspects and have experience dealing with different types of automobiles.

  • Market your business

Lastly, you need to market your mechanic business for it to pick up well. This is a challenging step because it will require you to be extremely creative. There are hundreds of thousands of mechanic businesses across different cities of Australia. You will have to set your business apart from them so that customers choose you over them.

To market your mechanic business effectively, you can leverage a mix of traditional and online marketing tools. You have options like business cards, flyers, display signs, online directories and social media. Make sure you allocate a part of your business budget to different marketing initiatives so that customers come to you for a service.

Starting your own mechanic business in Australia may seem challenging initially but the above tips will give you clarity on the process. Make sure you follow them to set up a flourishing business.