How to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life More

December 07, 2018

Sometimes, it’s completely warranted to feel worried, concerned, or anxious. For instance, waiting for test results at the doctor’s office is a scenario where it’s “okay” to be nervous. However, some people irrationally fret over issues they can’t control. These are the folks who think they’ll be fired from a job on their first day, or who fear their spouse will leave them after a trivial spat. If this sounds familiar, then we’ve got bad news: you worry too much. Fortunately, you can learn to quit torturing yourself with worry and enjoy life again. Here are four tips that’ll help:

Get Out of Your Own Head

Milton once said that the mind can make a heaven of hell, and hell of heaven. People who worry too much make life hell for themselves by constantly imagining worst-case scenarios. Yes, it’s fine to prepare for trouble, but there’s no use fixating on problems that haven’t occurred yet. Instead of hitting the panic button the next time you feel worried, try getting out of your own head by engaging in an activity. Walking around the block, solving a puzzle, or simply relaxing with a warm bath can help you feel better the next time you’re stressed.



Advances in modern technology are incredible. Still, they don’t always help people feel happy. Staying plugged in all the time –– to social-media platforms, work emails, and news outlets –– is not a healthy way to go through life. Set time aside to unplug for a little while each day and concentrate on something that makes you smile. You’ll be amazed how much this’ll improve your mood!

Do Something Good

Exercise releases endorphins, which in turn, makes us feel happy. In the same vein, making donations and giving presents inspires similar chemical reactions in the brain. Doing good things –– for yourself and others –– is a tried and true method for improving the quality of your life.

Take Action

Worried that the gas gauge on your car is broken? Then take it to a mechanic. Concerned you might have an STD? Then visit a local testing center. Many times solutions to problems are much simpler than we imagine. Don’t let an issue fester and get worse over time because of inaction; make a resolution and follow through to enact positive change. And of course, if you can’t do anything to alleviate your concern, then relax. Spinning your wheels over an issue you can’t influence is unnecessary and pointless. Learning to let go is tough, but it’s worth it in the long run!