How to Streamline Cleaning Your Home

March 09, 2014

Cleaning your home does not have to be an arduous labour, as some people may think. In fact, it could be a fun chore. You just need to streamline a cleaning strategy. Here are some helpful tips for making house cleaning more efficient.


Pay for a house cleaning service

It does not hurt to ask for help sometimes. If you have not thoroughly cleaned your house for quite a while, it is better that you pay for a cleaning service. Someone like this Fort Worth maid service near you would be perfect for this. It is less stressful for you because you do not have to mull over on where to start cleaning. Make this investment and give yourself a head start. Observe how the cleaners do their thing. Your job now is to maintain cleanliness.

Make a schedule

First, you have to identify the areas in your house that can be cleaned on a weekly basis. Then assign one weekly chore per day. Aside from this, there are many cleaning chores that you need to do on a daily basis. But don’t sweat on the small stuff. They may seem plenty but most of them could be done in few minutes like tidying the sofa, spraying bleach on the toilet, straightening the clutter, etc. You could make time goals for each chore.

The essence in making a schedule is to hone a routine. Once a routine is set up, cleaning is made easier.

Place a cleaning checklist on your fridge so that you are constantly reminded of your chores.


Get the right products

What are products for if you don’t use them? While the cleaners are there in your house, take note of the products that they are using. If you like the effect of these cleaning products, buy them. Sometimes, no matter how hard you scrub the bathroom floor, dirt won’t come off unless you use the right products.

Assign chores to the roomies

If you’re living with your family or friends, assign chores for each person. Just because you’re the clean freak (a.k.a. the responsible one), it doesn’t mean that you do all the cleaning by yourself. Chores are bound to be done quicker when there are more hands to help.

Buy baskets

Keep baskets around your home. Remember that clutters are more obvious than dust. Even if your house is dust free, it will still look untidy if your things lie around everywhere. Baskets come handy in organizing the things in your house, especially those items that you need to take out often.