How to travel the world cheaply

January 30, 2017

Traveling the world requires many air flights, hotel stays, dining out and other incurred expenses with the thought of the amount of money it would take to cover all those cost, it is easy to assume that kind of journey would be expensive. But contrary to what you may think, you can actually travel the world cheaply if you know how to strategically plan for your travels. Once you learn the ways to take advantage of discounts and travel opportunities, you can maximize your travel budget and see more of the world for a lower price than you think.

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Combine Travel Credit Card benefits With Other Discounts For Steep Discounts

There are many credit card companies that offer flight miles for purchases that are made using the card. The best way to maximize the accumulation of points is to acquire multiple cards and use your card to pay for all of your transactions instead of cash. Of course you should pay the bill immediately from incurring excessive interest charges, but by getting all of the points that are possible, you are able to reach the miles required to travel to multiple destinations in a short amount of time.

In order to enhance the power of the savings, combine your travel arrangement planning by locating discount hotel reservations, entertainment options, and shopping discounts online well ahead of the trip. Search for promo codes from companies like Thomson Holidays and to find discounted offers that can be further discounted to make the trip even less expensive. Since the air flights will be free, and you will pay steeply discounted prices on the accommodations, dining and entertainment, the total cost of your trip will be minimal. Not only will you be able to visit more locations, but you will be able to get the most out of each experience without your budget limiting your activities.

Join Lifetime Travel Groups

There are travel clubs that you can join that allow you to pay a annual or lifetime fee in order to gain access to exclusive, low cost deals on travel packages. These include national and global destinations. Many of these companies offer inclusive packages that, when used frequently, offer significant savings, even when considering the initial investment. While it is worthwhile to examine the inclusions before making a commitment to a particular travel group.

Stay In The Same Hotel Chain To Earn Rewards

Many hotel chains have multiple locations in all of the major cities in the country, some even around the world. Many of these hotel chains offer rewards in the form of free stays after a certain amount of paid stays. Since you will be doing a lot of traveling anyways, it is smart to try to stay in a hotel that is under the same chain as much as possible. That way, you will rapidly accumulate multiple free night stays, which will decrease the total cost on future trips.

Go Into The Retreat Business

There are many people who are looking for cheap ways to travel, and by traveling in groups, you can get extensive discounts from various resorts and airlines. As the coordinator of a group that hosts retreats, you can actually travel for free filling as many slots as possible for the retreat and dividing the costs so that your expenses are covered by the others that attend.

When you combine the various discounts available, the amount each person will pay will be low enough that is affordable, but high enough that you end up with a free trip, with all accommodations covered. It may take some hard work and networking to get the first retreat organized, but once you establish a group that consistently participates, you will be able to travel on a regular basis, and visit destinations in high class with little to no cost out of your own pocket.

Now that you are able to employ the same techniques that others use to travel the world cheaply, you can plan for regular summer get-aways and facilitating adventures. As long as you ensure you are sufficiently packed and your responsibilities at home are taken cared of, take the time to enjoy your travels away from home, and take in the experience fully. After all, what is the use of traveling if you do not make the most of the time spent away from home?