How you can travel more ethically this year

September 18, 2019


Travelers are by nature, relatively empathetic people. We see the best and the worst that the world has to offer, and we often see exactly how our tourism changes the lives of locals- both positively and negatively.

Opodo is working to educate travelers about ethical travel. This incorporates everything from traveling more sustainably to reducing carbon emissions and the mistreatment of both animals and people.

The goal? Ensuring that we’re all doing our part to look after each other and make sure that some of the most beautiful places in the world stay that way.

Now is a good time to think about how you travel, and consider your own ethics. How can you do your part to minimize your impact on the environment, preserve these incredible sights, and still see the world?


There are a few things to think about when you’re getting started. For example, many people are just now beginning to understand how animals are mistreated in a number of tourist hotspots around the world. This includes everything from dolphin encounters in resort pools in Mexico to riding elephants in Thailand.

There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy wild animals while ensuring they’re in their natural habitats and not causing them harm. Decide where to give your money, and avoid giving it to people who are exploiting animals.

Let’s face it: None of us want to be fighting each other at the biggest tourist destinations. It’s disappointing to arrive somewhere only to see it jam-packed with tourists, huge tour buses blocking the way and massive cameras blocking the view.

Look for destinations that are off the beaten path- often, you’ll have the kind of experiences and see incredible, unexpected sights that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Choose Bosnia over Barcelona, Nice over Paris, and Guatemala over Cancun.

Switch to public transport whenever you can. Not only can you save a ton of money this way, but you’ll also be able to get up close to the locals and see what real life is really like in each place.

Another key thing to think about- purchasing sustainably. Make sure that you’re not destroying any natural habitats, and choose locally made products that are sold for fair prices. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out where your souvenirs have come from and choose wisely.

How do you travel more ethically? Leave a comment below.

Opodo_ Ethical travel infographic