Inside The Continued Growth Of Casino-Related Travel

March 25, 2020

Today’s world is filled with overtime, social media, and full-time work, and the call of the hour is a little bit of escapism from the mundane yet fast-paced life. One popular pastime prevalent across centuries is gambling. This particular passion has been ever-evolving, and the industry has shown such tremendous growth that many people have shown their interest in traveling the world to take part in casinos.

When one thinks about casinos, one always has a picture of James Bond-esque type situations, where they have a drink in hand and are dressed to the nines. Such kind of imagery makes tourists travel around the world and visit different kinds of casinos.

Las Vegas remains the top attraction

When it comes to choosing the ideal casino destination, one can never make their list without the mention of Las Vegas in it. It is the ultimate place where there are a plethora of different casino games and exquisite resorts for casino travelers. Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has completed a 690 million dollar renovation process, just to keep them updated with the world. It has several competitors around the world, and such a highly expensive renovation process is justified by the profit that it makes. Similarly, other hotels are also upgrading themselves to keep up with the demands of the consumers around the globe.

Japan witnesses new growth

In 2018, it was reported that Japan had issued an official statement to legalize the gaming industry. This move was not only exciting but also shocking since Japan was always considered to have a conservative stance. The prime minister of Japan signed the laws to build integrated resorts- which is a unique combination of the casino along with other entertainment facilities in a hotel or resort. For those who can’t access an integrated resort, there are digital casinos that are remotely accessible. Websites such as Japan Casino provide officially licensed online casino recommendations for Japanese players. As soon as the law regarding casinos was passed, neighboring countries like Hong Kong also expressed interest in this regard.

Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama were considered to be the prime hubs to set up the integrated resorts. This decision was solely based on the reason that these three cities being popular tourist sites in the country. The Japanese government has also taken steps to limit the local people from taking part in these casinos in huge numbers- a move to restrict the negative effect of casino games on the people.

Macau remains a big player although other destinations have sprung up

Macau has always been considered a top destination for casinos. It has been considered to be at par, sometimes even surpassing Las Vegas. The casino industry has been one of the pillars of Macau tourism and, therefore, is still being given utmost importance.

However, recently four new luxury hotels are coming up in Cyprus, along with Limassol having the City of Dreams Mediterranean casino. According to the Scoop empire, Dubai has also been a prime destination in the Middle East when it comes to casino-related travel. Another unique destination is Lebanon’s Casino du Liban, which attracts players who wish to go out o the glitz and glamour brought by Dubai.

This article is a brief description of the casino world around the globe. You can also opt for online casino sites, being one. We hope that you will have an enriching experience with casino games.