Israel: Have Fun This Summer in Jerusalem

June 30, 2016

Jerusalem is a well known religious city in the world with a lot of popular Jewish holy sites that date back to thousands of years ago. Jerusalem is the center of tourist attraction in Israel and you can expect to visit a lot of major sights here.

Tourists can visit Jerusalem by boarding on flights to Tel Aviv and taking public transportation such as bus, train and taxi can to arrive at Jerusalem. There are 6 major holy sites that you can visit in Jerusalem. If you are interested in the site where Jesus Christ was crucified, you should visit the Holy Sepulchre basilica. The Holy Sepulchre was built in 335 AD on the foundation of a Venus temple in Rome. The sepulcher is located within the Edicule chapel below the rotunda of the church.


Another famous holy site in Jerusalem is the Western Wall, that is also commonly known as the Wailing Wall. The Western Wall is the remnant of the second temple in Jerusalem. Many Jews come here every day to pray facing the wall. You will observe prayer notes within the crevices of the wall. Visitors must wear a Jewish skullcap before they are allowed entrance to the wall.

You can visit the Tomb of King David and the Room of the Last Supper at Mount Zion. Mount Zion is located to the west of Mount of Olives where it used to have a lot of olive tree. The Mount of Olives rise to be about 2,693 above the level of the East of Jerusalem. At the Mount of Olives, you will have the opportunity to visit the tomb of Mary, and Zechariah. The Garen of Gethsemane and the Church of Maria Magdalene can also be found here.

The Temple of Mount in Jerusalem is the spot where Abraham offered his son, Ishmael as sacrifice. Via Dolorosa, meaning way of sorrows, is the road that Jesus took while he was on his way to Gogoltha to be crucified.

If you want to shop for groceries, you can visit the Machane Yehuda market. The Machane Yehuda market has a lot of stalls that sell fruits, vegetables, spices, coffee, cheese and wine. You can also find local baked goods and food.

You can visit the Haas, Sherover and Goldman promenades to get a good view of the Old City. You will also be able to catch a good view of the western part of Jerusalem and the desert of Judah. The promenade extend from Jabal Mukabaar Park to Abu Tor.

Tourists can also visit the 19 acre public garden called Wohl Rose Park, that offers exhibition on more than 400 varieties of rose bushes. There are 15,000 rose bushes at the Wohl Rose Park. It is recognized as a top rose garden in the world. The park houses a waterfall and a fish pond. There are many lawns and hills to explore in the park as well. The park features a mosaic floor that dates back to the 6th century. There is another park called Teddy Park, located adjacent to the Jaffa Gate that contains a fountain where children can play around. At Teddy Park, there is a place where you can listen to how Jerusalem evolve into a modern city today.