Les Gets Special Offers for Christmas & New Year Holiday

November 02, 2016

The festive season is simply one of the most exciting times of the year to get away on a trip. If you want to end the year with a bang and start the new one in the right way then this is an unbeatable way to do it.

Among all of the interesting and enticing places on the planet, there is no denying the immense allure of the French Alps region. There are numerous tremendous ski resorts in this part of Europe but the ever popular Les Gets stands out for several reasons.

The Magical Christmas Experience

A lot of effort is put into making a trip here into a magical experience for winter visitors. For instance, the Enchanted Forest gives the family a chance to visit Father Christmas in a stunning setting and to see his cool little elves hard at work.

The popularity of this Alpine town with families means that there are usually a number of Christmas activities lined up that you can all enjoy. If you want a ski resort where the whole family can get out and do adventurous stuff then this is a great choice of destination.

The kids will get a Christmas trip that they never forget and the more mature members of the family can enjoy the break in their own way. Perhaps the most memorable moment of all will be when Father Christmas leads the sensational torchlight descent down the slopes, which is likely to get everyone in your group smiling happily.

You may decide to head here mainly to give the kids a chance to sample this memorable Alpine Christmas experience for the first time. However, even older members of the group are likely to get caught up all of the excitement and have the time of their lives.

This is a pretty resort that is very family oriented, as you will no doubt realize as soon as you get here. The kids will love just wandering around the quaint streets to see the Christmas lights and decorations all around them.


The Joy of Skiing

If you have never before gone skiing on a world class piste on Christmas Day then you don’t know what you are missing out on. New Year’s Day is also another fabulous time to go out and do this as well.

There is just something intensely liberating and highly thrilling about getting up on one of these days and heading off to ski. It is a completely new way of celebrating these dates for many people and gives them an incredible adrenaline rush.

If your kids are new to the sport then you will find easy nursery slopes where they can get going safely on their first lessons. On the other hand, if you need some bigger challenges on more challenging runs then these are easy to find in Les Gets too.

You are going to be skiing in the Portes du Soleil ski area when you visit here, so you will have a massive amount of varied terrain to choose from. This makes it perfect for a family who perhaps all have different levels of ability and need different challenges.

This resort is also popular with business people who want to impress their potential clients in a relaxed setting. Really, it is the kind of place where just about anyone feels at home.

A Very Special New Year

It is also a fine way to celebrate the arrival of a New Year by going on a ski holidays as well. Fireworks, live music, street festivities, and a lot more make this a really good time to be here and to have a lot fun.

The French love to celebrate the passing of the old year and the arrival of a new one. If you want to sample the incredible atmosphere at this time of year then Les Gets is a smart choice.

Of course, if you are on your own or with a bunch of friends then you may be keen to explore the famous après ski scene at this vibrant time of year. However, if you are here with a young family then there are plenty of alternative ways of having a good time.

For those visitors who are looking for a party atmosphere, they won’t have to look too far in Les Gets over the holiday season. A great move is to get in some après ski in a local pub and then head to the center to welcome the New Year in the open air with the crowds.

After this, you might want to look for a late night pub in which to pass the rest of the night. Even if you feel tired at the end of it all, the thought of getting out the next day for some skiing adventure could be too strong to resist.


Enjoy Some Tasty Festive Treats

The festive season is one of the best times of the whole year for anyone who enjoys eating well. If you are thinking of heading to the French Alps to see the year end then you will be expecting great things from the cuisine that you sample while you are here.

Thankfully, Les Gets won’t let you down, as it is packed with quality restaurants for all tastes and budgets. You can eat some of the most delicious meals of your life while you are here.

To start with, it is worth pointing out a few of the most typical French Christmas meals and New Year. These include festive classics like turkey, foie gras, smoked salmon, and oysters.

As for the places to eat your festive meals here, you could do a lot worse than head to popular restaurants such as Les Copeaux and L‘Outa. You are guaranteed a smashing time in any of these places and could end up creating some of your favorite vacation memories of all time if you let your hair down here.

Check Out the Bars and Pubs

Even if you don’t normally go out for drinks very often back home, it is highly likely that you are tempted to do so once you get to this welcoming French Alps resort. During the festive period the bars and pubs of this terrific resort tend to be even more vibrant than at other times.

Some of the most popular après ski spots may have special events on at this time. This means that you could get to listen to some live music or maybe some of other sort of special festive event.

The best places in town to get packed early on key dates like Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. If you want to feel part of these great occasions then it makes sense to head over early and make sure that you get in.

Bar Bush and Ba Bar are a couple of the places well worth checking out while you are here. Some of the bars are likely to be loud and action packed but if you want a quieter evening then you might want to keep looking until you find a more tranquil place such as the Le George Wine Bar.

There is no such thing as a bad time to visit lively Les Gets. However, if you want to see it as its absolute best then the Christmas and New Year period is a perfect time to do so.