London – The 24 Hour Sightseeing Checklist

July 01, 2018

Ah, London! With its varied attractions and entertainment, there’s not a minute of the day when you can’t find something to do. London is a twenty four hour city, and that means you should never be stuck for something to see, eat, watch, participate in, dance to, or simply stroll along. The great thing about London is that there is so much packed into its 1,572km2, so no matter what you’re into, no matter what you ‘thing’ is, there will be something happening to satisfy you.


Fancy some culture? The West End – London’s theatre district – is the place to go for that. Tragedy, comedy, musical, dance, opera… It’s all there, ready and waiting for you to pick a show, pick a theatre, pick a package, and go for it. Package? Of course! There are plenty of options when it comes to a night out in London, and some of them include a meal, you could try checking out comedy carnival, for some entertainment on your trip or even book in some overnight accommodation. And the theatres themselves are worth checking out alone – with so much history to them, and so many famous – legendary – actors treading their boards, each has a unique and humbling atmosphere that adds to the London theatre going experience.


If you want to learn something – or see some pretty impressive pieces of art and sculpture – London’s museums are a good bet. Many of them (such as the British Museum, Science Museum, National Gallery, and Natural History Museum) are free to visit, giving you totally unfettered access to all sorts of incredible exhibits. If you are intrigued by something, the likelihood is that there will be a museum showcasing it, teaching you more than you realised there was to know! From art to dinosaurs, hands on science to mummies and Romans, it’s a vast world of knowledge in some beautiful buildings. And don’t forget the tiny weird and wonderful museums that are true hidden gems, such as the Wellcome Collection, the Freud Museum, and Pollock’s Toy Museum!


Are you an active person? You’ve not been left out either! All over London there are games and activities for everyone who loves to feel that adrenalin rush. What about climbing up on the roof of the iconic O2 building? This magnificent concert and exhibition space (along with its numerous restaurants, bars, and various other entertainments) has opened up its roof for the more daring amongst its visitors, it offers some of the most exciting sightseeing in Greenwich and now, with a little help from a guide and a rope, you can reach the summit and enjoy the most breath taking views over London first hand.

And of course, there are the bars. Bars here, bars there, bars everywhere. Pick a street and you’ll find somewhere to enjoy a refreshing drink. There are well known ones (The Nag’s Head, The Lamb and Flag, and the French House spring to mind) that have their own structured tours, but it’s just as fun to find a tiny little place that no one else seems to know, and enjoy the special atmosphere all those years of London has given to it.