Looking After your Eyes While Travelling

May 27, 2020

Travelling can be hard on your body. The constant changing of time zones, lack of sleep, and jet lag can make you feel terrible, and you may notice that you feel it particularly in your eyes. When we travel it is important to also take good care of our eyes. This amazing ebook that is all about vision and the eyes helped me to write this. Here are some ways you can look after your eyes while travelling:


Take Eye Drops

When you’re flying you’ll notice that your skin and eyes get super dry. The lack of moisture in the air can irritate your eyes, making them itchy, and further irritated if you rub them. Be sure to take some eye drops with you, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated while flying. It can also be helpful to spend periods of time with your eyes closed listening to music.

Dont Smoke

When you’re travelling overseas (particularly in developing countries) you may notice that cigarettes are only around $1 a packet. Many backpackers smoke, and at that price, it may seem like a good time to take advantage of the cheaper price. However smoking has harmful and toxic chemicals which are not only bad for your lungs and skin, but terrible for your eyes. You’re putting yourself at risk for cancer, age-related degeneration, and cataracts, so stay away from second hand smoke, and be sure not to buy any cigarettes.


Wash your hands

When you’re travelling you may come up against bugs which you usually wouldn’t be exposed to. If you’re continually touching your eyes without washing your hands, you may end up with conjunctivitis. This is easily spreadable, particularly if you’ve been spending time around kids. This means that the transparent covering on top of the coloured part of your eye gets all red and inflamed. Often your eyes will become all red and gunky, and will be gritty and sore.

The best idea is to take some antibiotic eyedrops with you, and in many countries you can also find these over the counter. Use plenty of warm water and maybe a tiny bit of salt to wash out your eyes, and be sure to wash your hands so it doesn’t spread to other people.

General skincare while travelling

While you’re travelling, your skin wants you to stick to your usual regime…and then some. There will be dry aeroplane air that dehydrates your skin barrier, jet lag that makes your eyes baggy and not-so-nutritious food that doesn’t deliver the right vitamins every day.

Because so many things about travel are artificial (like air conditioning, huge enclosed airports and convenience food), taking a natural approach to skincare will help to balance things out. See these tips for happy travelling skin.

Get Good Sunglasses

You’re probably aware that UV rays are bad for your eyes, and when you’re travelling you’ll find that you’ll be outside in the sun far more than often. Be sure to take sunglasses which have UV protection, which will reduce the risk of you getting eye damage.


Check your eyes

Before you travel, get your eyes checked by an optometrist. That way they can ensure that everything is fine, and you don’t have any conditions which could be made worse by travelling. It’s also a good way to be able to check if travelling has harmed your eyes at all, as you can do another check when you get back if you have noticed that your eyes are deteriorating. Watch out for blurriness, dryness, double vision, floaters, and eye pain.

Do you have any other eye care tips that you can share with me? Let me know in the comments.