Looking for an Unusual Way to Find a Reliable Business?

March 30, 2021

There’s something about a business that’s named after a big old monster that just creates an image of strength, tenacity, and quality – maybe it’s the confidence that the image projects, or maybe it’s the feeling that you might get eaten if you decide you don’t like it. Whatever the reason, there are some great businesses out there following this trend at the moment and as much as we look around, we can’t seem to find one that doesn’t live up to its bold and confident name. So if you’re stuck looking for new places to shop or looking for a service provider you can rely on and you’ve just looked everywhere else – have a look here, at our monster round-up of businesses.

  1. Tee Rex Tee

T-Rexes might be the king of the dinosaurs, but it has to be said that the monster on the logo for Teerextee.com is pretty adorable. Not so their range of products, which is actually pretty monstrous – and a great place to go looking if you’re really stuck for birthday presents. You can a personalized whatever-you-want from Tee Rex Tee, from the t-shirts and hoodies the name suggests to stickers, mugs, and other accessories that will pretty much mean you can find a gift for whoever you’re looking for.

  1. Wolverine engines

Their claw mark log pretty well reflects the fact that they sell the best small block chevy crate engines money can buy; the claw marks slashed across the sign shows off the beastly roar of these engines that give away their ferocious power and drive. If you’re looking for a good crate engine, this is the place to look – high quality, long-lasting and powerful machines can be shipped out to you anywhere in the world.

  1. Rex Originals

We know a business named after a t-rex is on here twice – but they are the kind of the dinosaurs, and this time he’s back to tell you about these amazing turbo-charged link holding offered by Rex Originals to help businesses build their rankings online and hopefully become the T Rexes of their own industry. Offering domain authority, tailored placements, and even blogger outreach as well as their link-building services, Rex Originals deserve to name themselves after the best dinosaur.

So what’s the lesson here? We’re not sure, but naming your business after a monster does seem to give you some sort of drive to run a fantastic business – because all three of the above are ahead of the pack in their field.