Looking Forward to a Post Pandemic Cruise? So Are We, and We’re Going With Ambassador Cruises

June 09, 2021

There are so many reasons that a cruise is the ideal holiday. Firstly, the itinerary is decided for you – the cruise is stopping in certain places, and you get to explore them. You don’t have to plan a thing! Secondly, it’s like a whole town on the ocean – you can basically enjoy all the benefits of a city break such as shopping, partying and exploring, while simultaneously being able to stare out over the glorious ocean every day. Not to mention that no matter how snazzy your cruise liner is – there’s something so romantic and old-fashioned about spending a long time on the high seas. What’s not to love?

About Ambassador Cruises

Ambassador Cruises are a UK based cruise line that offers affordable access to a whole host of remote and not-so-remote locations, from Athens to the Arctic. Whether you want to explore the beautiful British Isles or somewhere more far flung like the Fjords of Norway, the Ambassador Cruise Line has something for you. With holidays ranging from a choppy 4 nights to a luxurious 42 night tour around Cuba, you can choose something to fit your budget and adventurous spirit.

Initially, their flagship cruise liner Ambience is looking forward to launching from London Tilbury in spring 2022, before bringing in additional launch sites at Liverpool and Newcastle after their inaugural season completes in spring 2023. After that point people all over the country will be able to easily access these wonderful cruises to explore the world. Brochures are already available on the website for pre order so you can start planning your amazing trip away with Ambassador Cruise Line.

The Ambience is a spacious ship with a low guest to space ratio, offering luxurious atmosphere that won’t have you feeling cramped or overwhelmed as can be the case with many cruise ships where the quantity of guests is maximised.  And, all important after the pandemic, Ambassador do include a booking guarantee which will keep your money safe in the event that the cruise is cancelled.

We’ve all struggled with many things over the past year; being away from loved ones, changing our lifestyles and learning to live in a different way have all taken their toll. But there is hope on the horizon for the pandemic to become a distant memory, and we can all start to plan our futures again. Since we’re all feeling a little out of practice with planning holidays, why not take the pressure of yourself and go with the all inclusive, fully planned out holiday that is a cruise.