Luke Lazarus Seeks New Marketing Trends In The Coming Year

November 20, 2019

One of the cornerstones of the world is that change is always going to take place. Changes in the world occur in many ways. It is crucial to stay on top of them and get a feel for what is going to happen in the future. One area that attracts a great deal of attention is that of financial matters. Finance provides a foundation for many kinds of industries. As a result, it remains an area where an ability to spot trends and stay of them is at premium. Those who can do so are those who can help people enjoy financial benefits. Someone who understands what kind of trends are likely to make a splash and assume center stage in the coming year is investor Luke Lazarus. Lazarus brings a long and impressive history in the field of finance with him as looks to coming year and the trends that will likely shape it.

Marketing to Consumers

Marketing is one field that has also changed a great deal particularly in the last few years. New markets are emerging. Old markets continue to evolve as well. The last five years alone, as Luke Lazarus states, have been a time of incredible change. Shifts in digital technology are likely to continue to make an impact of any company’s marketing strategy and bottom line. This is likely to continue in the coming year. Content marketing changes have been vast and are only likely to see even greater changes in 2020. One area that he sees will continue to have a great deal of importance is that of making use of personal stories. Personal stories allow people to connect with the brands they choose. They help people relate to brands in a positive way. Companies that can tap into this understanding are those who are likely to flourish in the coming year.

Crafting an Emotional Message

Crafting an emotional message is another area that he feels will have an impact in the coming year. Being able to convey feelings directly to consumers will pay a role in the world of marketing. A unique emotional message will assume a place of importance in the next year. Companies can and should be able to indicate to their clients they understand why a given client might turn to them. A company should look for ways to indicate a greater sense of purpose. For example, as he points out in a recent article, he states that a company that installs decks is not just putting an addition on a person’s home. It’s about being able to understand all this deck will do for the people who are living in that home right now and going forward.

A Whole Strategy

The new year will also see and hear more talk of a coherent strategy that includes many areas of marketing for all clients. It’s not enough to focus on a single aspect of marketing. It’s about being able look at the larger picture and create an entire strategy in response to likely conditions that may arise as they arise. Knowing what people are looking for and being able to understand their point of view can really make any company rise to the top of their industry. Research will continue to play a role in the world of marketing. Having access to concrete numbers lends all companies the perspective they need in order to be able to understand exactly what is going on in their segment of the market. They can take full advantage of such data to create a realistic marketing plan.