Must-visit spiritual places in the UK

December 21, 2015


When taking a journey of discovery, many will head to spiritual hotspots like Lourdes, Mecca and Machu Picchu. However, did you know we have our own divine destinations right here in the UK? We’ve picked our three favourites, which are worthy of any bucket list.


Stonehenge has been in existence in Wiltshire, England, since around 2600BC. This incredible British landmark features an imperfect circle created using huge stone slabs. Once thought to be a complete circle, nobody really knows quite why it is there, making it the perfect place to visit to ponder the possibilities of life.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest Christian structures in England. Archbishop Thomas Bishop was murdered in 1170, allegedly on orders of King Henry II. While this event horrified many, the site quickly became the destination for pilgrimages, with reports emerging of miracles. Over one million visitors make the trip to the cathedral each year, so it’s well worth a visit.

St Nectan’s Glen

If you want to visit a true natural beauty spot, head to St Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall. Featuring a waterfall with a 20ft drop, a seemingly endless stream and a variety of picture-perfect trees and plants, it’s the perfect place to get back to nature. Some believe that royalty and knights would visit the glen to be blessed, while the spot still attracts people of all beliefs to this day.


Of course, while you may be making a visit to become more in tune with your spiritual side, practicality remains key to the enjoyment of your trip. Because the majority of the destinations listed above are outdoors or involve a lot of walking, your comfort is paramount.

It’s probably worth picking up a pair of walking boots from e.g. Brantano. Whether you’re exploring the inside of Canterbury Cathedral or marvelling at St Nectan’s Glen, the footwear will cushion your feet — perfect for long days of adventure.

Make sure you pop a waterproof jacket in your bag too — you never know when the Great British weather can change!