Natural Ways to Manage Pain

June 13, 2019

If you live with daily pain, you know how consuming it can be. I personally have issues with my back and only have a few hours each day that are completely pain free. As the day goes on, my pain usually increases and it can be absolutely exhausting. I’ve noticed that chronic pain not only affects my energy levels, but it also impacts my mood too. If you’re struggling with natural ways to manage your pain, here are some suggestions that might help you. Always talk to your doctor first before adding in anything to your routine.

1. Herbal Options
There are quite a few options for ways to manage your pain naturally. One of my favourite things to do is to take magnesium because not only does it help me relax and fall to sleep more easily than usual, but it can also help with any muscle related pains that I have. Due to the back pain I suffer from, I often change my posture in order to minimise my back pain, but this in turn can cause some muscle pain because my posture isn’t the best. Some people also really benefit from using In Gaia’s Hands cbd for pain relief and for more traditional herbal remedies.

2. Use Heat
Heat is a wonderful natural way to manage pain, and there are a few ways you can actually use heat to help alleviate the pain. I love heat packs and they’re a great option for pain relief on the go. You can usually find these in health stores or pharmacies, and most of them you can just pop in the microwave for a little bit in order to get them toasty and warm. Apply the heat pack to the area that’s sore, and you should have some instant relief. If you’re not interested in buying a heat pack, you can also get a heat pad. These can be a great option because they stay at a consistent temperature, the only issue is they have to be plugged in which limits where you can use them. If you’re lucky enough to have a bath tub in your home, then you can indulge in a warm bath that can be a great way to soak away your pain. If you’re feeling a bit luxurious, add in some Epsom Salts for added pain relief and relaxation.

3. See a Professional
If you’re barely managing with your pain, then it might be worth seeing a specialist who can help you. I regularly see a chiropractor for adjustments and feel so much relief after each appointment. Many specialists will also provide you with exercises you can do at home in order to strengthen your body and help you find more balance so that you can have less pain. Another thing I love to do to help relieve some of my pain is regular massages. I like to have a massage at least once a month and find the relief it provides me with to be priceless.

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