Natural Wonders of Portugal

July 17, 2015

If your idea of natural beauty is an extended strand of golden beaches, rocky coastal cliffs, rolling hills filled with vineyards, or enchanted forests, then the landscape of Portugal with its stunning natural sites is a must visit. And whether you’re booking flights to Faro or heading to the Douro Valley, there is plenty of opportunity to tour and discover all the wonders that this beautiful country has to offer. Here are just a few of Portugal’s most scenic natural sites.


Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Azores

Translating into English as “Lagoon of the Seven Cities” this twin lake sits in the crater of a massive volcano and is surrounded by verdant peaks whose slopes are dotted with trees and plant-life. The lake is steeped in history and the legend of an angry widowed King and his princess daughter tells of how the lake was formed by the tears she wept from her green eyes following a broken heart. Lagoa das Sete Cidades is also one of the most important freshwater resources in the Azores.

Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês

This park, which is commonly referred to simply as Gerês, is the only national park in Portugal, and is located in the northern region of the country near the border with Spain. The park is home to beautiful wildlife and plants, sitting on a mountain range that was formed when the Iberian Peninsula and Europe met some 300 million years ago.

Benagil Sea Cave, Algarve

The beautiful sea caves on the southern Mediterranean coast of Portugal are carved out of limestone rock. The ultimate beauty spot of these caves is the Benagil Sea Cave, which features a natural aperture in the rock that allows sunshine to stream through and light the sand beach that sits within the cave’s mouth. This wondrous spot is a great place to explore by boat tour or to visit at low tide.


Ponta da Piedade, Algarve

Located near the town of Lagos, this exotic coastal landscape features beach coves, natural grottoes, cliffs, sea caves, and crystal clear water that you’ll never want to leave. It is easily accessed by land via a long stairway down the cliffs, and you can also visit by boat, relaxing deck-top within the beautiful stone arches and sea stacks.

Also, remember, one of the best parts of visiting Portugal is that it is easy to explore a number of regions and sites, so you’ll be able to take some of these wonderful spots on your next trip.