Nitin Khanna’s Work in Different Industries

August 09, 2019

There is more room for potential around the world than ever before. New technology has made it possible to travel anywhere you want, become the kind of person you wish to be, and achieve greater success than those in previous generations. Nitin Khanna is an example of how the modern world can mold an individual. He grew up in different circumstances compared to many of his future business peers, but he had a vision and drive to succeed unlike few others in the industry. He flew across the world to the United States, where he established a new home for himself in the northwest state of Oregon. The first step of any journey is often the hardest, but for Nitin Khanna it was just the first in a sequence of steps.

The story of Nitin Khanna truly begins near the turn of the century in the year 1998. He was full of youthful energy and there was no limit to what he could do. His first company was named Saber Corporation, and it specialized in technological innovation. This was a time period when businesses were looking to modernize their operations with state of the art equipment, which put Saber Corporation in a favorable position to receive a steady stream of clients. By 2007, Nitin Khanna has accumulated more than enough experience to consider moving on to his next venture. He sold the company for far more than his initial investment and left.

Nitin Khanna biggest take away from that period that businesses needed a trusted individual they can consult. He performed a limited amount of this during his previous venture, but now he wanted to turn that into a full time career. This gave birth to MergerTech in 2009, a company designed with the intent of helping each and every one of its client make the most optimal business decisions. While he saw a strong string of success, his name truly didn’t reverberate throughout the community he struck a certain deal with a bank.

The banking sector was one place with high levels of potential, and Nitin Khanna quickly caught on to this fact. He forged many deals and reshaped the banking industry in a new positive direction. However, it was his involvement with the bank Smile that turned him into a household name across the industry. He set a new record for the highest price ever seen by the Wall Street Journal, and thus established himself as a master deal maker and major influence in the finance industry.

While Nitin Khanna doesn’t mind all the limelight on his career, he also enjoys taking a passive approach to developing a venture. In 2015 he established the company Cura Cannabis Solutions with the sole purpose of helping to cultivate the local cannabis market. The increasing amount of legalization and consumer demand makes this industry one of the largest untapped gold mines to explore. He sees a major business opportunity for later down the road as the drug becomes more publicly accepted by the masses.

The technology industry, finance industry, and medical industry each being their own unique set of challenges and consumer needs to fill. However, Nitin Khanna has worked hard at each and every turn to meet these new challenges. He knows nothing comes free and expanding his knowledge and skills will only lead to more opportunities down the road. Nitin Khanna demonstrates his strong qualities both in and out of the office. He loves to give back to the community that he calls home, while at the same time never forgetting how fortunate he is to be this successful.