Online Slots Regulations Explained

December 17, 2020

The popularity of online slots at Easy Slots seems to increase with each passing year. The amount of regulations have to increase and evolve alongside the ever changing online slot industry in order to be able to keep up. This leads some players to wonder what sort of regulations there currently are and how they affect them. 

The Gambling Act 2005 

This was one of the most important pieces of regulation that the government has ever introduced in regards to gambling. The 2005 Gambling Act gave online slots and casinos unprecedented freedom, allowing them to freely advertise to players. This is one of the biggest factors that led to the increase in online slot popularity. The act also makes it law that casinos have to tell players what the RTP (return to player) of their slots is. The Gambling Act also created the Gambling Commission which currently functions as a regulatory body to all gambling in the UK.The Gambling Commission has the power to punish casinos and other gambling institutions if they do not abide by the rules, they can even revoke gambling licensees which would essentially makes it impossible for places to house gambling. Famously, the Gambling Commision fined William Hill over six million pounds because it failed to protect players from money laundering schemes. 

Age limit 

The gambling age varies in the UK depending on what activity you are betting on, this can cause some confusion for online slots. In the UK, if you are under 18 years of age it is illegal to gamble. This is set out by the 2005 Gambling Act with the hopes of deterring children. The confusion comes from the fact that from the age of sixteen it is legal for a person to buy scratch cards and buy lottery tickets. It is also not illegal for people under the age of 18 to enter gambling establishments such as a bingo hall, however they would not be allowed to participate. Due to this there is usually a complete ban on anybody under 18 by bingo halls. Online slots require players to sign up before playing, requesting proof of their date of birth and proper identification. 

Credit Card Deposit Ban 

This regulation provides a few benefits for players. It helps to crack down on fraudsters who use other players’ credit card details to play slots, it also helps players who are prone to addiction. This came into force in April 2020, after research showed that a quarter of those using credit cards to gamble were problem gamblers. This follows the recent increase in harder regulations such as limiting the maximum stake players can make on fixed betting and more extensive age and identity checks. 

Final Thoughts 

Online slots are enjoyed by many players across the UK, thanks to the 2005 Gambling Act players are afforded a lot more choice and freedom with online slots. Regulations that have been introduced aren’t intended to hamper a players experience, players can still full enjoy playing online slots without worry!