Peaceful Escapes in the Nevada Desert

December 10, 2015

With the Mojave Desert and the Great Basin Desert, it is clear that a significant party of the territory of the state of Nevada is consisted of desert land. Of course, Nevada is most famous for being the state that has Las Vegas. This amazing and unique place provides fun and entertainment for millions of home and international tourists every year. Nearly 75% of the population live in the large metropolitan area Clark County where Las Vegas is located. In this article, though, we won’t be talking about Las Vegas and its dozens of casinos. We will present you the peaceful escapes in the Nevada Desert, because sometimes you just want to get away from all the fuss, at least for a couple of days, or hours, maybe a quick getaway between two casino sessions.


If you are a fan of hiking, then Caliente would for sure be an appropriate destination for you. Situated in Nevada Desert, only two hours to the north-east of Vegas it is an ideal spot for people a quick stop-by destination for people who visit Reno, Las Vegas, Cedar City or Lake Tahoe. Caliente got its name after the hot springs. It is at an altitude of 4,400 feet. The town has a plan of creating a vast network of trailing tracks throughout the surrounding area. So, in the near future, Caliente will become one of the hotspots for mountain biking. Although the project is at the beginning, it should be said that this town is surrounded by 4 million acres of publicly owned land.  Some of the ridges surrounding the town are at an altitude of 9,000 feet.

There could hardly be a better place for peaceful meditation and exercise, just like Buddha taught us. Refreshed, with your batteries recharged, you will be more focused and probably more successful when you get back to the casinos of Las Vegas. There’s no harm in throwing a wager or two, just for fun. The teachings of Buddhism allow recreational gambling and even habitual gambling isn’t forbidden. It is only condoned if it is addictive. Since online gaming is permitted in Nevada, you can check out which sites offer online gambling and you can browse through some real money NetEnt sites at, a site that offer great casino games and no deposit options that are safe and reliable. 1

Red Rock Canyon

Of, course is the inevitable Red Rock Canyon, with the National Conservation area and all its other landmarks. The conservation area is only 15 miles west of the Vegas and it attracts over one million people every year. There you can enjoy watching large rock formations, which are up to 3,000 feet high and hikers and rock climbers would surely enjoy reaching the highest peak, La Madre Mountain, at 8.154 feet. Although the terrain is pretty rough it is still accessible by vehicle, via a 13 miles one-way road.  So, whether you like climb, rock climbing or hiking, the Red Rock Canyon would definitely be a top peaceful escape spot for you.

Grapevine Canyon

Then, we have the Grapevine Canyon which is in the Mojave Desert. Of course, Mojave Desert isn’t synonymous with a peaceful getaway for many people, but the Grapevine Canyon will make you change your mind. The springs responsible for the survival of the plants and animals in the desert can be found here. As soon as the hike beings and you walk a quarter of the mile on the trail you’ll find evidence of prehistoric Native American tribes that resided in this area. North of the Grapevine Canyon is the Spirit Mountain. This mountain rises to 5,639 feet and is considered to be the spiritual homeland of the Yuman speaking peoples.


Trail Canyon

The Trail Canyon is another place you could visit if you’re really fond of hiking. It is home to a very famous, yet quite demanding two mile hike route. This route gores through the Trail Canyon, then 1,500 to Mummy Mountain, before it intersects with the North Loop Trail. You’d be able to enjoy great views of the Kyle Canyon and the peaceful, quiet and relaxing nature of the forest. Be careful, because this trail with an altitude of 1,500 that have to be climbed in 2 miles is very steep, so make sure you are well prepared. Getting to the hike is quite easy, as it is located in the Kyle Canyon, about one hour of Las Vegas, to the northwest.